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Daniel Bryan: “It’s ‘Borderline Painful’ To Be Around Wrestling”

Daniel Bryan Krystal Bogner, via Flickr.


Daniel Bryan: “It’s ‘Borderline Painful’ To Be Around Wrestling”

Daniel Bryan, the underdog hero of the recent generation of WWE fans, who had to unfortunately retire five and a half months ago due to recurring injury, has been picked to co-host the upcoming WWE Cruiserweight Classic television series, which can be seen exclusively on the WWE Network.

And, in promoting the upcoming tournament, which will debut this month, on the 13th, Bryan has been making the rounds, speaking at public events, schools, and so forth. Two weeks ago, Bryan took a chance to interview with The Daily World, where he not only spoke of the show, but also of life after wrestling.

The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion has made it his point to try to venture as far away from wrestling as possible… Well, that is, until he was tagged to co-host along with Mauro Ranallo and Mike Rome.

During his time off, he has kept busy by taking up new hobbies, like gardening, taking classes at Arizona State University, as well as Olympic weightlifting. He is also going to be involved in the spinoff of “Total Divas”, which will be named “Total Bellas”.

Said Bryan:

“It has been good, but it is weird, because my life had been so busy before retirement. Now, you have all of this extra space and time. Because I was forced into retirement and not wanting to retire, I have to keep my mind away from wrestling. It is borderline painful. OK, so how do you fill your mind when you have filled it with this one thing for so long? I’ve experimented with gardening. I love it, but you don’t love it like that.

A part of my mind hasn’t accepted it. I wake up sometimes with dreams of wrestling. This literally happened to me (the night before the speech). I was in Las Vegas and I flew in. I woke up this morning from a dream where I was going to wrestle and I’m not. I have to remind myself at times.”

Bryan, whose real name is Bryan Danielson, ended his career earlier this year, after injuries kept piling up. He had been on and off in 2015, his last match happening in April of last year. While he had recovered from his injuries, and was cleared by several doctors, WWE doctors would not clear him.

His retirement speech was considered one of the saddest moments in WWE’s history. But Bryan doesn’t let his retirement deter him from living life. On his retirement speech and what led to it, he said:

“On a Saturday, Vince (McMahon, the CEO of WWE) calls up and tells me he wants me to retire in Seattle on Monday. I told him I didn’t know if I was ready. Then, I went to the gym and I talked to my wife (Bree) and we realized the WWE is never going to allow me to wrestle again, even if I get a million doctors to clear me. So, if I was going to do it, my Mom would get to see it, as well as my family and friends.”

Of course, if given the call, Bryan would return to the ring, if given the okay by the WWE. Bryan continued:

“Realistically, no one should feel bad for me, I am getting paid to figure out what I want to do. Who gets to do that?”

You can hear Bryan do play by play with Mauro Ranallo starting Wednesday, July 13th, on the WWE Network.

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