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Daniel Bryan Teases A Return To The WWE

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It has been well documented that Daniel Bryan‘s retirement last year was less about Daniel Bryan wanting to retire and more about World Wrestling Entertainment looking out for their best interests. With the number of lawsuits in recent years pertaining to the effects of CTE, WWE refused to allow Bryan to perform. They thought it would send the wrong message to those who have open cases against their company.

In the end, the retirement itself was a tear jerking affair. It was a beautiful sendoff for one of the industry’s most popular stars. Daniel Brian was able to tell everyone how he felt. Then he shared memories from his career. Finally, he was able to share the special moment with his wife, Brie Bella.

The Plot Against Daniel Bryan Thickens

Following that episode, speculation started running rampant throughout the online community with rumors that Daniel Bryan did not actually want to retire. Instead was forced to do so. Then it was reported by several media outlets that he had asked for his release. This was the response to his being cleared for in ring action by doctors outside of WWE but still being prevented from returning.

To appease Daniel Bryan and utilize his popularity, he was then cast in the role of the new Smackdown Live General Manager. This was a job that he has, on several occasions, claimed he didn’t really want. He has also been given the duty of co-hosting the weekly post-Smackdown show Talking Smack. After each episode of Smackdown, he seems to speak very candidly about his desires.

Last year, he engaged in a heated exchange with the Miz. It seemed more shoot than work. He expressed his frustrations about wanting to wrestle again. Then he referenced the fact that WWE would not allow it.

Will Daniel Bryan Return?

If you fast forward to this past week, the situation took on a new and intriguing direction. On this week’s episode of Talking Smack, Daniel Bryan seemingly referenced a desire to return to the ring in roughly 18 months. That time frame would line up virtually perfectly with the end of his current WWE deal.

This all begs the question, if Daniel Bryan is serious about potentially returning to the ring, where would he do it?

In the past, Bryan has indicated that he would like the opportunity to work in Mexico’s CMLL promotion. The goal would be to have a program leading into their biggest show of the year. His goal, a hair vs. hair angle. This would be a huge opportunity for CMLL. Viewership for their programs has dipped in recent years. The injection of life that would result from the appearance of Daniel Bryan would be a huge plus for the company.

There have been various rumors that Daniel Bryan would like to spend time in New Japan, AAA, and the United Kingdom. He has mentioned a few other locations as well. In the end, he has been smart with his money. Now he can pick and choose where he performs. What is the next step for Daniel Bryan? No one seems to know.

As a huge fan of the former “American Dragon“, it would be a pleasure to see him in the ring once more.

Where do you think Daniel Bryan should take his talents when his WWE contract expires? Will he stay with WWE? Will he break away and return to the ring? Give us your feedback in the comments at the bottom of the page.

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