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David Pollack Talks Michigan And College Football Playoff In ESPN Conference Call

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ESPN hosted a conference call with Joey Galloway and David Pollack, discussing the upcoming College Football Playoff selection committee’s weekly rankings.

The College Football Playoff is right around the corner, and ESPN will be covering every aspect of this event with the return of their exclusive weekly reveal of the selection committee’s rankings during College Football Playoff: Top 25. The show will break down every team’s wins and losses, and will discuss the playoff implications from week to week.

This discussion and debate show will be hosted by Rece Davis, Joey Galloway, and David Pollack. Additional analysis will be given via satellite from Kirk Herbstreit and Paul Finebaum. Over the course of five weeks, other special guests and analysts will be appearing on the show as well.

On Monday morning, ESPN hosted a conference call with Joey Galloway and David Pollack, who answered questions about the show as well as their take on different possible scenarios for the College Football Playoff. The hot topic throughout the call was the University of Michigan, as they are 8-0 and look to continue their dominance throughout the rest of the season. They were asked about Jim Harbaugh, and whether or not they are surprised that Michigan has so much success so quickly under him. David Pollack responded rather convincingly.

“I don’t think any of us are surprised. I think that’s why we made such a big deal out of it [hiring of Jim Harbaugh]. I think he’s done a good job offensively, the defense was already good and set up to be successful, they had guys who were tough and physical. But now you see the offense start to take shape with him, and you see him using a fullback, a tight end, play action. I don’t think anyone is surprised that Michigan is back.”

In a non-playoff related question, they were asked about the state of Miami Hurricanes. With Mark Richt being in his first year, and Brad Kaaya not having the success most people have anticipated, David Pollack touched on his opinion of the program.

“Brad Kaaya has definitely shown some flashes of greatness. When I saw Coach Richt got that job I thought ‘Man he’s got a good quarterback to work with.’ But they haven’t developed great this year, it’s their first year in a new system and you think they might have a little bit of struggles and you’ve seen some of that. Everyone was believing in Miami when they got off to the hot start, but I think that everybody that watches football knew what was coming. There is a lot of talent in Miami.”

I was able to conclude the conference call with a question of my own where I continued on the hot topic of Michigan. If a scenario occurred where Alabama, Clemson, and Washington all remained undefeated, and Michigan only had one loss to Ohio State at the end of the season, I asked which team would be left out of the College Football Playoff in their mind. David Pollack gave his input.

“I think its going to be very tough for Michigan to lose late in the season. But if Ohio State remains a one-loss team – under the scenario you just talked about where those other teams stay undefeated, everyone else would be in – I don’t think there would be a chance that Michigan would get in over Ohio State with one loss. I think Ohio State, after just beating Michigan, would be in.”

The five-week series will be aired every Tuesday starting November 1st and will end on November 29th. There will also be a special four-hour College Football Selection Show on Sunday, December 4th that will reveal the final rankings for all top 25 teams. Be sure to watch the show on ESPN to stay in the discussion as the 2016 NCAA Football season continues to draw closer to an exciting finish.