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Deciphering the New York Giants’ Backfield

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The New York Giants are coming off a season in which the backfield was under-producing. In 2015, the running backs utilized a ‘four-man committee’.

This rotation was installed to provide players with good health and being able to not wear down as the season progressed.

Instead, this style doesn’t allow players to gain consistency. Last season, 29.1% of the Giants offensive yards were obtained on the ground, averaging only 100.6 yards per game.

The only consistency for the Giants offense was receiver Odell Beckham Jr, but with the acquisition of UCLA RB Paul Perkins, that could change.

Perkins was selected in the 5th round, a slightly shocking selection for the Giants who already had five other options at running back.

Coach Ben MacAdoo likes that there is competition for the running back position, saying 

We like all those guys, they all have distinct things they do well, and there will be a lot of competition. It will be exciting to watch, and see how it unfolds.

Already, Perkins is regarded as a back who can contribute to a backfield; GM Jerry Resse described him as an all-around player. Some have said Perkins cannot be very successful as an inside runner at the next level.

Although Paul most likely won’t get a chance to make an impact in his rookie season, there is hope that he will develop into a player that can help on offense.

Players in front of Perkins in depth include Rashad Jennings, Shane Vereen, and Andre Williams.Getty Images via Flickr

Williams had a horrid season last year, far from what the Giants needed. Quarterback Eli Manning held a higher yard per carry average than Andre.

The Giants obtained Vereen in free agency from New England; he proved to be valuable on 3rd down conversions but that’s about it.

The NY Giants offensive line ranked 16th in run blocking during the 2015 NFL Season, as per Pro Football Focus. The offensive tackle spots have been the weakness for the G-Men and they as a whole, ranked 22nd in run blocking in the early part of the 2015 NFL season. Yikes!

Right now in New York, a change needs to be made with the running back production and effort. There isn’t much to work with as of now.

Hopefully, this upcoming season will be promising and the running backs can rush for more yards per carry than the quarterback.