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Defending Boogie

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Boogie is not a fit for Sacramento, and it’s not his fault.

Sacramento Kings center, Demarcus Cousins, is a bonafide NBA all-star and a top 3 (If not No. 1) player at his position. But Boogie cant seem to find his spot in Sacramento where he can fit and mesh with not only his teammates, but the front office and even the media, as well.

Boogie is currently averaging 28/10 on a Kings team that has been a dysfunctional mess by the time Boogie set foot on the court. It started in 2006, when the Kings decided to not renew their contract with then head coach, Rick Adelman, the man who had just took the Kings to the playoffs for the 8th straight season in Sacramento.

The Kings started 2006 on a very rocky start. New head coach, Eric Musselman pleaded no contest to a DUI early in the season while Ron Artest (Who had just been traded to Kings for Peja Stojakovic, the Kings second best player at the time) was being accused of domestic assault. Artest would be relieved from the Kings only to be reinstated during the same season. The Kings would miss the playoffs for the first time in 8 seasons and Musselman was fired.

From then on, the Kings have been a dumpster fire. Over the next few years, they would fire 2 more head coaches, continue to miss the playoffs, finish the 2009 season with the worst record in the NBA (17-65), and they never made any moves that were franchise changers, until 2010.

The Kings drafted Demarcus “Boogie” Cousins in the 2010 draft with the 5th pick overall and paired him up with Tyreke Evans, who was coming off NBA Rookie of the Year honors the year before. New head coach, Paul Westphal, could never get the young team to play well, something that may not have been his fault, but he was fired nonetheless.

The Kings organization continued to tumble. In 2011, the Kings tried to move to Anaheim in what seemed liked a hasty decision. The owners were frustrated by a lack of progression towards building a new arena and their loss of profits, so they tried to move, much to the disdain of the fans. Ultimately, the NBA denied the request, and the Kings were forced to remain in Sacramento.

In the 2011 NBA draft, the Kings made a very unprecedented move by trading for the rights of BYU star, Jimmer Fredette, and a very mediocre John Salmons. However, in that deal, the Kings traded away longtime starter and fan-favorite, Beno Udrih. 

In 2013, then Kings owners, the Maloof family, sold the team to the current owner, Vivek Ranadive, for a then-record amount of $534 million. 

The Kings would go through a couple more head coaches including Keith Smart, Mike Malone, and George Karl, who would all eventually be fired. They would also make some head-scratching trades including a blockbuster trade in which they acquired Rudy Gay in 2014 and later trading for Rajon Rondo in 2015.

So, that’s a lot of interesting things that have happened over the years in Sacramento, not exactly a team I would say is a stable franchise. I had the luxury of watching Demarcus Cousins play at Kentucky and not once was there any notice of any issues like the ones that are taking place in Sacramento. Boogie was a fan favorite when he was at UK. He loved his teammates, his coaches, and most importantly, he loved the fans, and they loved him.

Boogie has been attacked by the media since day one in Sacramento and that can be an incredibly hard hole to dig yourself out of.

The most recent Boogie-related video circulating the internet shows Boogie berating a member of the Sacramento media for taking about his brother’s arrest in a recent article, something that is completely uncalled for. There is absolutely no reason that a reporter should feel the need to bring up a man’s family while discussing something that does not pertain to them. Just the title of the article, “Demarcus Cousins unleashes profanities at Bee reporter in latest attempt to control the media”, reads like a political ad between long-time, enemy politicians. If someone were writing an article about me and brought up sister or my parents in a negative light, you can bet I would have some choice words for that reporter, and I’m not even in the public light like Boogie is.

How can a man try to do his job when the media is writing article headlines that read, “Watch Demarcus Cousins try to bully Sacramento media”. It’s amazing how self-absorbed and oblivious the media can be when writing about a man trying to play basketball on one of the worst and most dysfunctional franchises of the past decade. 

Is Boogie still immature? Of course, but that doesn’t mean he is a tyrant trying to “control the media”. Boogie is in a bad situation and he needs to get out quickly before the Kings organization and media tear him down any further. If the Kings don’t want to move forward and try to make it work with a top 10 talent in the NBA, they need to end it now. The Kings need to realize that Rudy Gay and Rajon Rondo past their prime are not ideal matches for a player like Boogie.

What’s the best fit for Boogie? It’s hard to tell, but take a look at Dwight Howard’s career. He was the man in Orlando, a bit immature, but still a generational talent. He went to the spotlight of LA and it didn’t work, he went to Houston and bumped heads again. Now he is in Atlanta and is playing his best ball in years. Sometimes players aren’t bad guys just because they’re not mature enough, they just havent found the situation that suits them best and once Boogie does will his true talent will finally be revealed.



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