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Dez Bryant And Ezekiel Elliott Will Have Big 2017 Seasons

Bryant and Elliott will each have a big 2017 season PAUL MOSELEY VIA FLICKR


Dez Bryant And Ezekiel Elliott Will Help Dallas Have Another Big 2017 Season

The Cowboys are looking to replicate what they did in 2016: winning 13 games and hosting a playoff game. With a more experienced Dak Prescott, watch for Dez Bryant to have a big 2017 season. Bryant and Prescott caught fire together near the end of 2016, and carried that success into the playoffs. This also spells for a big 2017 season out of Ezekiel Elliott. As a rookie, Elliott ran for over 1,600 yards and blew away fans with his impact. Both players are going to play a key role in Dallas’ success in 2017.

Dez Bryant’s Impact

Dez Bryant finished the 2016 season with 796 yards and eight touchdowns. It was a bit of down year for Bryant statistically as the offense was adjusting to life without Tony Romo. Bryant also missed a few games with a knee injury. The future looks bright for Bryant in this offense as the chemistry between him and Prescott will only get better. Bryant will have a big 2017 season and it will help carry the Cowboys into the post season.

With Prescott still learning the offense and adjusting to the NFL, I don’t expect Bryant to have 1,500 yards or 18 touchdowns. I do, however, expect Bryant to have a much bigger year in 2017. Prescott and Bryant will have to work on their timing patterns and master that aspect of their game. Bryant actually averaged nearly 16 yards a catch last season, so they have the big play potential. If both players manage to stay on the field, Bryant will have a big 2017 season.

Somewhere between 1,100 and 1,300 yards and 10 touchdowns is reasonable for Dez Bryant. I know that’s huge increase as far as yards gained compared to 2016 for Bryant, but it can happen. Prescott targeted him a lot more later in the season and gave him opportunities. They will connect many times in 2017 and make some amazing memories for Cowboys fans. Ezekiel Elliott will help aid the passing game with his talents as well.

Ezekiel Elliott’s Impact

Elliott had an amazing rookies season. He averaged over five yards per carry and found the end zone 16 total times in 2016. Elliott helped Prescott develop as a solid passer. He demands the respect of every opposing defense the Cowboys play, opening everything up. With a strong and consistent running game, Elliot will help the Cowboys have a big 2017 season.

Ezekiel Elliott is another one of those dynamic players at the running back position. He’s a versatile weapon that can do it all. With great hands out of the backfield, the defense has to constantly watch him on every play. There aren’t many true, do-it-all running backs in the NFL these days. The Cowboys drafted Elliott with the fourth overall pick for a reason. He can pass protect, catch the ball, and we all saw what he did on the ground last season.

In an offense with many weapons and an elite offensive line, Elliott is primed to have a big 2017 season. I see him rushing for roughly 1,500 to 1,700 yards and scoring another 15 touchdowns in 2017. Him and Bryant will compliment each other and help one another make big play after big play.

With a great amount of attention on stopping Elliott in the running game, Bryant will get some great looks on the outside. When defenses decide to double Bryant to take him away, Elliott will have one less defender to worry about. They play off each other nicely and this offense is in good hands for years to come.