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Dick Vitale Gets New Contract

Dick Vitale Scott Witzke/WTIU via Flickr


Dick Vitale, one of college basketball’s biggest voices, just got a contract extension that will keep him with ESPN until the end of the 2018-19 basketball season. The news comes on Vitale’s 77th birthday and is a testament to his value with the company. Upon completion of his contract, it would be the 40th year with ESPN.

Vitale is paraded through ESPN and ESPN2 programs because of his personality and insight. His love for basketball doesn’t go unnoticed and is a flagship member during their Champ Week coverage but regularly makes appearances during other events.

He joined ESPN in their first year and hasn’t looked back since. He was quoted to have said the following about his new contract: “ESPN has been a vital part of my life. Completing the next three years of my contract will mean 40 years of hoops heaven. I have loved every moment, and it has been a thrill to be courtside and call some of the greatest games in the country, sitting next to some of the most outstanding play-by-play announcers you could ever want to work with. I can’t thank them, the producers and all of the people behind the scenes enough for giving me a life that’s exceeded any dream I’ve ever had. My goal is to be the first announcer ever to call a game and say “you’re awesome baby” at 100.”

His storied career is something to marvel at. Dick Vitale is noted to have called over 1000 NCAA games that include some of the most fabled in history. Hopefully, this legacy will continue for at least three more years.