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Does The NBA Need to Change the MVP Award?

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Does the NBA Need to Change the MVP Award

Every year you can bet on the fact that many people will disagree with who is chosen as the MVP of the NBA season. Some of the complaints come from people who wanted their favorite player to win, but some come from a different group. Some come from the group that hates the way they choose the MVP Award all-together.

I happen to be one of the members of that second group. The title of the award is very misleading. Are we looking for the best player in the league, the most exciting player or the player that was the most important to their team out of all players?

No one seems to know for sure, but we do know that often the award does not go to the best player in the league overall. How do we know this?  That’s simple, because if we gave the award to the best player in the league, then Michael Jordan and LeBron James would have never lost.

MVP Award

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The award is decided by a panel of sportswriters and broadcasters throughout the United States and Canada, each of whom casts a vote for first to fifth place selections. Each first-place vote is worth 10 points; each second-place vote is worth seven; each third-place vote is worth five, fourth-place is worth three and fifth-place is worth one. Starting from 2010, one ballot was cast by fans through online voting. The player with the highest point total wins the award.

Look I am in no way a fan of LeBron James, but if we were picking the Best Player in the NBA, LeBron would have won the last 8 years straight. I don’t think even the biggest Stephen Curry fans would argue that Steph is better than LeBron. They might like him better, they might even enjoy watching him play more, but is he really the MVP of the NBA?

Now here we are again in 2017 and the race for MVP is at hand. Is it James Harden, Russell Westbrook or once again is it LeBron James?

I wish I could give you the answer to that question, but I, just like many of you have no idea what goes into the decision for NBA MVP. I know who votes, I understand how they add it all up, but based on some of the past winners I just don’t know what goes into their decision.

So I ask the question again. Does the NBA Need to Change the MVP Award and if so how? Please leave a comment and tell me what you think.

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