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Draymond Green Suspended For Game 5

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Word has just come from the League that Draymond Green is going to be suspended for Game 5 of the NBA Finals. This is a result of an altercation between Green and LeBron James that was reviewed, after the fact, which led to Green receiving his 4th flagrant foul point of the playoffs. This 4th point is an automatic suspension and is an accumulation of his other blunders. If the Warriors happen to win on Monday, Draymond Green will be allowed into the arena to celebrate with his team but if he enters for any other reason, he will be issued a fine.

Green has not been doing a good job of scoring the last couple of games but his team will miss his overall impact in other areas. Much of his value comes from his versatility on the perimeter. The ability to bother guards and forwards alike is essential to this Warriors team. Especially when they try to go small in order to run other lineups off the court. He does such a good job on defense that it’s going to take a total team effort by the Warriors to replicate what they will be missing.

This isn’t saying they won’t miss his offense at all. His presence alone creates mismatches all over the floor and he has a high basketball I.Q. when it comes to playmaking. This is all you can really ask for from your power forward. This allows the offense to run the perceivable “greatest shooter of all time”, and his sidekick, off ball.

The ball is in Steve Kerr’s court right now. Not only must he find a way to run an offense with a major piece missing, he also has to make a tough decision down on the bench. While it doesn’t sound like much of an issue, Draymond Green is still going to be considered an “active player”, and that whittles their lineup down one man. That, again, is another thing he has to plan for. Even if that man doesn’t see the court, rotations still have to be figured out to account for Green.

It doesn’t help that Cleveland is pretty unpredictable right now in regard to the Kevin Love situation. Whether or not he comes off the bench again or he is reinserted back into the lineup remains to be seen.

Even with the Cavaliers backed into a corner, the Warriors can’t afford to drop this game and head into Cleveland 3-2. Now is the perfect chance to finish this series. After word of Green being suspended reached the team, the Warriors started taking shots at LeBron James left and right. Even though they have proved to be the better team so far, the most dangerous types of animals are the ones in a corner, and the ones that are provoked. In this case they will be facing both. LeBron James, is still LeBron James. He will do everything he can to will his team back into this series. His job is going to get a whole lot easier if they get back to Cleveland for a game 6.

Game 5 of the NBA Finals will begin on Monday June 13th at 9 PM ET.