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Emily Austen Fired

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Reporter Emily Austen Has been Fired

Emily Austen a sideline reporter for the Fox Sports Sun has been fired.

This comes after Austen made several racist and antisemitic comments. The comments where made during Barstool Sports live Facebook broadcast.

The comments ranged from “didn’t even know Mexicans where that smart” to everyone knows the “Chinese guy is always the smartest guy in math class.” She called Jewish people “stingy and even called Kevin Love a little b—-.

Austen has covered most Orlando Magic and Tampa Bay Rays games from the sideline but will not longer be in that role.

Fox Sports put out a comment saying that Austen was not representing Fox Sports and that she was not speaking on behalf of the company.

Fox Sports also said that Austen Has been made aware that she will not be involved in any more broadcasts with the company.