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Explosions Beside Dortmund Team Bus, Barta Injured


Champions League-

Explosions Beside Dortmund Team Bus, Barta Injured

The Champions League quarter final game between Monaco and Dortmund was postponed last night. The game had to be postponed due to three explosions near the Dortmund team bus.

The explosions took place adjacent to the team bus. Dortmund central defender Marc Barta suffered an injury in the attacks. The Spaniard injured his wrist, which resulted in him having an operation last night.

The game itself will be replayed tonight. Dortmund fans allowed Monaco fans to seek refuge in their houses over night.  has been trending worldwide over night. It is a beautiful gesture by the Dortmund fans. Further rubber stamping their credentials as the greatest fans in the world.

Who is Culpable?

According to Sky Sports news, the police have made one arrest. Three letters were found referencing Syria, and the two suspects, one of whom has been arrested, are suspected Islamic extremists.

Goalkeeper Roman Burki described the scenes inside the team bus prior to the explosions.

Burki claims, “no one was thinking about football” when the attacks struck. The bus had only pulled out of the hotel drive way when the three explosive charges went off.

In an interview with Swiss Media, Burki talks of how loud the explosion was,””The bus turned on the main road when there was suddenly a huge bang – a proper explosion.

Barta was injured by flying gas during the explosion.

The game will be replayed tonight, but many will expect the Dortmund players heads to be elsewhere after what was a catastrophic event in the world of football.