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Formula One Week 2: What To Expect When You’re Expecting Nothing Until Monaco


Formula One Week 2: What To Expect When You’re Expecting Nothing Until Monaco

Is it Hamilton or Busch? I can hardly tell anymore, and anyone who follows NASCAR and F1 shouldn’t be able to tell either. Who else has the level of funding to build a vehicle with parts so awesome that breaking them and having “awful steering” all race can still net one a podium place?

Observers who support the top drivers of Formula One cannot deny that Nico Rosberg caught a break. Lewis Hamilton driving a good tuned, if not well tuned ride would have certainly coasted to a mostly lazy victory. Without the bad start, or the difficult ride, Lewis Hamilton would surely have won, despite the red flag. Hell, who’s to say ANYONE else in his ride who had a better start wouldn’t have had the skill to do it?

Hamilton, Vettel and Rosberg have proven time and time again that they’re really the only ones out there. Call it skill, sure, they’re talented, but prestige trumps skill after long enough. Daniel Ricciardo, Carlos Sainz, Daniil Kyvat and even Felipe Massa or Jenson Button can also be considered skilled. But let’s face it, take the H, V or R and make them switch rides with ANYONE else just before the green flag drops and I will happily, actually, truthfully wager a billion that none of the 3 wins that race.

So what is there really to expect out of the Bahrain Grand Prix? Nico Rosberg. That’s my tip for the top. And if he loses, and it’s not Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel, I will ruin the rest of my life by taking a picture with Donald Trump, hugging him and grinning ear to ear. Yes. Yes. Yes. Absolutely.

The comment section’s down there. Proceed, Hamilton lovers to tell me I’m wrong about cars over drivers. Tell me that after following this sport closely for 14 years I’m still delusional; that anybody can win with a good car. Then, cite some evidence. I’ll not wait for the latter.

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Photo by Paul D’Ambra, via Flickr.