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Game 4 Preview-Capitals vs. Leafs

Game 4 Preview-Capitals vs. Leafs clydeorama/via Flickr


Tonight, the Toronto Maple Leafs will host the Washington Capitals while holding a 2-1 series lead.

The series has been nothing short of exciting, with all three games going into overtime. The Leafs took Game 3 shortly into the first OT with a well-placed redirection from Tyler Bozak. But, will they continue their ways of play?

The Capitals took Game 1. However, they would drop the next two. Momentum seems to be on the side of the Maple Leafs, so what is there to look for in Game 4? Here’s a Game 4 preview.

For the Capitals, look for them to come out aggressive. The Leafs have been out-hitting the Capitals throughout the series. If the Capitals start laying a few more hits, they may get to the younger Leafs roster.

Also, look for the Capitals to get more pucks on net and to generate more traffic in front of Frederik Andersen. Look for a tougher form of defense from the Capitals, as well. They have been giving the rookies too much room to work. On top of all of that, look for Caps’ goaltender, Braden Holtby, to dial his level of play up another level.

As to what to expect from the Leafs? Look for them to continue doing what they have been doing. Expect a very physical way of play and a very fast pace on puck movement. However, expect more traffic in front of the net. The Leafs will look to add more of what won them Game 3, re-directions.

Also, look for the Leafs to pressure the Caps right from the first face-off. They will want to make up for their bumpy start to Game 3. The momentum is on the side of the Leafs right now and with them hosting tonight’s game, they hold a possibility of going up 3-1 in the series.

So, a win for the Leafs and they put a strangle hold on this series going back to Washington. Will tonight’s game go into overtime as the others before it have? Tune in tonight to find out.

However, one thing is certain: the game will be nothing short of exciting.

Remaining games are as follows;

Game 4 WSH @ TOR tonight at 7:00pm
Game 5 TOR @ WSH Friday, April 21 at 7:00pm
** Game 6 WSH @ TOR Sunday, April 23 at TBD
** Game 7 TOR @ WSH Tuesday, April 25 at TBD

(**) If necessary.

Side note; Leafs Roman Polak, (D), will miss the remainder of the playoffs due to surgery on his injured leg.