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German Association Complains About Joachim Low’s Images

Photo credit to Football Gallery via Flickr


Joachim Low and Germany Complains to UEFA

Lille, France – The German Football Association (DFB) has requested an explanation from UEFA for the dissemination of images that shows manager Joachim Low inserted his hand into his pants and then took it to his nose, images that have become viral online during Euro 2016.

The association considers these images shouldn’t have been shared with television outlets as they had nothing to do with the game.

The image was first shown by the Italian channel RAI4 who had shared various camera angles as well. The images were not shown on German TV.

Production of television images is in charge of the UEFA so the DFB has asked the organization what led them to transmit those images live.

Meanwhile, German striker Lukas Podolski decided to skip the questions about the occurrence but said the following, “Everyone does this from time to time and that’s not a problem”.

He also mentioned that “it is not an topic of mention with the group,” when asked about whether it is being talked about within the rest of the group.

Podolski concluded that “everyone will occasionally play with the sack and that’s not problem,” sparking laughter and applause among journalists during the press conference in Germany.