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Guess Which Players Still Want to Be a Knick

Guess Which Players Still Want to Be a Knick Tivo_epaper/via Flickr


Guess Which Players Still Want to Be a Knick

If you clicked on the title expecting to see a list of players that are wanting to be a Knick——-I apologize because there isn’t any. The answer is no one.  No one will want to play for the Knicks

Ex-NBA great Reggie Miller said it best:

He is absolutely correct. Why would anyone even consider it?  I have struggled with the words to describe what is going on in the Knicks organization.

 Some of the choices:

tumultuous, dysfunctional, train-wreck, dumpster fire, Abhorrent and the list goes on and on.  It’s hard to find a specific word that could describe how ridiculous it has become.

From President Phil Jackson publicly criticizing Carmelo Anthony to Ex-Knick star Charles Oakley being arrested and removed from Madison Square on the orders of owner James Dolan.  The entire organization has now become the one destination that all NBA free agents can mark off their lists.

You know it has gotten bad when fans at a New York Rangers Hockey game start chanting- CHARLES OAKLEY……CHARLES OAKLEY….

Watch below


It has gotten so bad that New York Hockey fans are supporting Oakley over Owner James Dolan.

Its official. James Dolan is the absolute worst owner in the NBA.  He has single-handedly destroyed one of the most beloved franchises in all of sports.

We may never truly know what caused the situation with Charles Oakley but we do know one thing.

We know James Dolan is losing the PR battle. Knicks fans Look at Charles Oakley as a hero. We can’t really put into words how they feel about James Dolan, but I’m guessing the word hate is not strong enough. He has continued to mismanage the Knicks and has turned the Knicks into the biggest joke in the NBA.  If you’re looking for more dysfunction, today the Knicks announced that Charles Oakley has been banned from Madison Square Garden.

I’m sure that’s going to sit well with the fans.

As you can see, at tonight’s game vs the Nuggets the fans voiced their displeasure

It is time for New York Knicks fans to send a real message to Mr. Dolan and just stay home.

Stop supporting this circus.

Don’t show up for the games.

Stop buying Knicks gear.

Whenever it comes to fixing the Knicks, there is only one answer

James Dolan must go!