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Has The Time Passed For Dallas To Start Romo?

Too late for Cowboys to turn to Romo? NFLRAVENS VIA FLICKR


It Might Be Too Late For The Cowboys To Return To Romo

The Cowboys are 11-2 and are likely to land a first round bye in the 2016 postseason. A quarterback change for a team having this much success seems like a ridiculous gesture and it could be too late. However, when that team is the Dallas Cowboys, anything is possible. What has sparked the thought of Dallas returning to Tony Romo as their guy has been the play of Dak Prescott the last two games and Jerry Jones’ remarks. When asked if Romo would possibly come back and start this season, Jerry Jones said it was a legitimate discussion.

Personally I felt back in week nine or ten when Romo was medically cleared to come back that he should have been the guy. He has his own Dallas resume to show why he should have gotten his spot back. The team was rolling back then and even with the momentum, I felt Romo is still the better player. Now it gets a little cloudy to decide. The Cowboys may have missed the time to switch to Romo and it might be too late to make a decision to put him in.

I still believe Romo is better and would make this team better with his experience and his connection with the offensive players. Romo is a much safer quarterback than he used to be and he proved that in 2014 while leading the NFL in total QBR. There is an argument to be made. Yes, Dallas is 11-2, but once again, Prescott isn’t THE reason why they are winning.

What has stood out to me about Prescott and what makes this an actual discussion is how he’s played against tough NFC opponents. The Packers, Eagles, Vikings, and Giants twice have all found a way to disrupt Prescott. These games have been Prescott’s worst games statistically. Watching him play in tough environments on the road was not easy. He looked lost at times and just played different. Prescott would have been responsible for seven turnovers in those games if a few fumbles didn’t go the Cowboys‘ way.

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It’s alarming that these are the teams he is struggling against as they are all potential teams Dallas might see in the playoffs. Romo has had experience against each of these teams and actually plays fairly well on the road. There are a few factors that play a role in deciding which guy to roll with. The Cowboys have to be careful with the way they handle this, especially with the media’s involvement.

Dak Prescott is a rookie and has played a key role this season. He has made some amazing plays that have won games and has shown great potential. After a few bad games Dallas had an opportunity to switch to Romo. They have stuck with Prescott all season and have displayed their confidence in him. If they were to make a change this late in the season it would certainly impact Prescott mentally. He may not admit it, but if he were to get benched after a few poor games who knows how that would affect him.

When it comes to the NFL the most important thing is winning. If the Cowboys are truly invested in their young rookie, then they need to stick with him. If they feel that Romo honestly gives them the best chance to make some noise this postseason, then go for it and put Romo back in. Dallas needs to go with the guy they feel most confident in and the guy in which the team would mesh with better. It would be a difficult decision to switch to Romo. If they were going to change quarterbacks, they should have done it a while ago.

It just seems like it’s too late for Dallas to change their mind all of the sudden. If they get cold feet now, what would that say about Prescott for the future? Romo isn’t always going to be there and they have ridden Prescott this far so they mise well see what he’s made of in the playoffs. The experience, good or bad, will help Prescott grow as a player. Even though I feel Tony Romo would actually make this team better, I just think the time has passed for this season to make a change.