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Hendricks Just a Hazelbaker from a No Hitter

Hendricks AshMarshal/via Flickr


Kyle Hendricks

In an age where power is King and people tune in to see guys fire the ball past a hitter, Kyle Hendricks stands alone as a true contender for the National league Cy Young Award.  On Monday night Hendricks would step to the mound in the home park of the Cubs division rival, the St Louis Cardinals.  The guy they call Professor would teach the Cardinals and the rest of the league that he is the real deal.

Hendricks not only looked un-hittable tonight, but actually almost was.  He would enter the ninth inning without giving up even the first hit to the Cardinals.  That is when Jeremy Hazelbaker stepped up and hit a solo shot to end Hendricks historical night.  Although Hendricks was unable to complete the no-hitter he still made it clear in a loud way that he deserves to be in the discussion for the National League Cy Young Award.

The Cubs would go on to win 4-1 and Hendricks would end the game with 8 innings pitched, 1 hit, 1 run, 2 walks, 7 K’s and the National League leading ERA of 2.03.

Hendricks may not dazzle the fans with his fiery fastballs or throw the nastiest of junk balls, but when it comes to being a great pitcher there is only one important thing: Location-Location-Location, and no one does that better than Hendricks.


“The game has taken such a turn to power pitching that I guess my pitching style is more of an anomaly in the game today,” Hendricks recently said. “It’s always the power pitchers with the power stuff that are going to get the headlines. Obviously the hype just comes with the stuff.”


According to Fangraphs Kyle Hendricks leads all MLB pitchers in generating soft contact at a rate of 26.1% of the time.  This is what makes what Hendricks is doing so unique.


“It’s a different form of dominance,” Maddon said. “Everybody wants dominance to be pure force. But his way can be dominant also.”


As a player you don’t get to have nights like this very often, and Hendricks spoke on what was his favorite moment of the night.  The moment when it was all over and he could finally take a breath and just reflect on the game and celebrate with his teammates.


“It was awesome,” Hendricks said. “That was one of the coolest parts. Everyone so happy for me and had my back the whole game.”


With the win tonight the Chicago Cubs are closing in on a Division title and now have a magic number of 3.  With the emergence of Hendricks added to the already strong duo of Lester and Arrieta, the Cubs are gearing up for a playoff run and a potential World Series Ring and you can bet the house that Kyle Hendricks will be a big part of what the Cubs are able to carry out.