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Hey Hey Goodbye Clay Buchholz

Clay Buchholz on the mound murphman61 Via Flickr


Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz has been given the heave-ho from the Red Sox starting rotation. The 31 year old right-hander has been sent down the bullpen after his last game against the Colorado Rockies, giving up 7 hits for 6 earned runs in a 5 inning disaster.

Clay’s season has started off poorly leaving Buchholz with a 2-5 record and a 6.35 ERA. That is the worst out of all pitchers in Boston’s rotation this season. Eduardo Rodriguez is scheduled to replace Buchholz and start on Tuesday against the Orioles.

Boston’s manager John Farrell has reassured that Buchholz demotion isn’t necessarily permanent stating ” This is something that’s been done for a lot of years. A starter scuffles, they go to the bullpen to work things out. That’s what we’re doing with Clay,”.

Buchholz’s less than stellar season has only given the Red Sox 3 quality starts so until Buchholz becomes more consistent he will not return to the starting rotation. Buchholz ran into similar inconsistent streaks before, however those earlier issues have been due to injuries and this year that doesn’t seem to be the case.

John Farrell’s plan for Clay’s work out of the bullpen is as follows ” Shorter stints, shorter looks, maybe get him some momentum and he’ll get back on track,”.

This could work out in the Red Sox favor, but only time will tell. Until then bye bye Buchholz.