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Holly Holm Upset By Miesha Tate At UFC 196


Holly Holm Upset By Miesha Tate At UFC 196

Overcomes one major challenge, but falls short of the second, this could perfectly describe the story of Holly Holm, who stunned the fight world, by defeating the undefeated Ronda Rousey at UFC 193, only to lose in spectacular fashion to the woman who had repeatedly lost to Rousey time and time again, Miesha Tate.

Holm lost during the fifth round of her first title defence against a very hungry and aggressive Tate, who had suffered three embarrassing losses at the hands of Rousey in her quest to become UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion. The two titans of the Women’s Bantamweight Division went back and forth, as Holm took charge of the stand up battle, winning rounds one, three and four, before losing in the fifth, where she tapped out after Tate locked on a rear naked choke to secure the victory.

Many fight fans thought that the match would be a walk in the park for Holm, who is a former boxing champion, and was originally considered a non-challenge for Rousey, before she upended Rowdy. Many counted Tate out, due to the fact that in her three attempts against Rousey, she was essentially outmatched and outclassed in each of her bouts. But, Holm is considered a great striker, not so much a great submission artist, which is where Tate outclassed Holm.

Fight fans likened Holm to Buster Douglas after the match, the one hit wonder of the boxing world, who upset “The Baddest Man on the Planet” “Iron” Mike Tyson back in February of 1990 to become the undisputed world heavyweight boxing champion, holding the title for 8 months, only to lose it to Evander Holyfield in his first and only title defence. There has been no word as to if, and when, there will be a rematch, but, one has to believe that another go around for Holm and Rousey would be the deciding factor in who will face Tate for the championship.

Only time, and maybe the front office of the UFC, will tell.

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