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How Dallas Can Clinch The NFC East And Conference This Weekend



Cowboys In Position To Clinch Division And Conference

The Dallas Cowboys are 11-1 and find themselves with at least a three game lead over every team in the NFC. This week Dallas travels to New York for their rematch against the Giants. This Sunday Night match up has some heavy implications on the line. This could be the biggest week of the season for the Cowboys and for a few reasons. Dallas has an opportunity to clinch their division and the conference.

The Cowboys lead the NFC East division by three games. The Giants currently stand at 8-4, the Redskins are at 6-5-1, and the Eagles are at 5-7. With four games remaining in the 2016 season, the Cowboys can clinch and seal the deal on the NFC East division. With a victory over the Giants Sunday night, the Cowboys would take a four game lead in the division with three games remaining, thus crowning them 2016 NFC East champions.

Obviously, to clinch the division with three weeks remaining would be unfamiliar territory for Dallas given their recent history. In recent years, the Cowboys have found themselves numerous times in contention for the division title with the last few weeks remaining. This would be great to seal the division and ensure that Dallas will host at least one playoff game this season.

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Looking at the bigger picture, there is something larger at stake. The Cowboys can actually clinch home field throughout the playoffs this week as well. They will need some help from two other teams and will need to win Sunday night against the Giants. In order to even have a chance this week, the Cowboys would need the Packers to defeat the Seahawks and the Bears to defeat the Lions.

The Seahawks and Lions are both currently three games behind the Cowboys. So if they were to lose and Dallas was to win in New York, the Cowboys would secure the number one seed in the NFC. What makes this so important is that they Cowboys would earn a first round bye, and would never have to leave the state of Texas throughout the entire 2016 postseason. If Dallas was able to reach the Super Bowl, it’s in Houston, TX. This weekend could be one of the most important in the franchises ‘s history if all things go well.

Since the Cowboys play on Sunday Night Football, they will go into the game knowing what’s on the line. The results of the prior games will be final and so they will be aware of what they could potentially achieve. Regardless of what happens in the other games, Dallas needs to win in a very hostile environment to clinch their own division. The Giants are coming off of a big road loss to the Steelers and they will be more than prepared to take down the Cowboys.