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I Know I Am Not the Only One. What Happened to the Slam Dunk Contest?

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I can’t be the only one to think the Slam Dunk Contest has reached its peak

The Slam Dunk Contest summed up in three words, THAT WAS AWFUL. From drones, to using mascots, cheerleaders, and the same moves, the only positive I can take out of the event is that the contest wasn’t the only event of the evening. I have never seen anything more disappointing, I know I am not being very persuasive but unless you are related to one of the four men who participated you probably feel the same way.

Aaron Gordon

Am I the only one, or should this guy have won last year? The dunk where he made his legs perpendicular to his body is one of the greatest dunks of all time. This year, he really earned the participation trophy. Using a drone? Are you serious? As well as making it known that he didn’t practice the dunk at any time before hand. Going from being the prolific dunker we know, to looking like a fool, Gordon did nothing but disappoint.

DeAndre Jordan

I wasn’t expecting much out of  Jordan, I actually had him being eliminated in the first round. Jordan didn’t really impress, but without Chris Paul, he showed that he can still throw down.

Derrick Jones Jr.

I didn’t recognize this name until the NBA released the Slam Dunk Contest roster, and I instantly typed “Derrick Jones Jr. dunk highlights” into Google Video. He is the player who impressed me the most, not only because his dunks represented more “in game” type dunks, but because he didn’t use any drones, or do the same dunk twice. His dunks were authentic, but in 2017, what dunks have not been done yet? Now only if we knew what else he can do, we might see him in an NBA jersey full time one day.

Glenn Robinson III

Ugh. I will admit  the one nice dunk he had was good, the first time. I cannot get over the fact he did the same dunk two time, especially since the second time was to win the competition. Above average dunks, below average skill.

I have heard a grand idea, switching out the Slam Dunk Contest with the Three Point Contest. I’m sure it won’t happen, but it may be something to consider if no one (Russell Westbrook, LeBron James, Zach Lavine, etc.) is going to make the Slam Dunk Contest fun, then lets not make it out to be the most anticipated event of the evening.

P.S: I apologize for complaining so much, but really, it was really bad.