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Ibañez in, Schilling Out


The New Man for the Job, Raul Ibañez

Curt Schilling could not use his filter when it came to social media, so ESPN had to let him go.  Raul Ibañez is the man ESPN hired to replace him on the evening talk show, Baseball Tonight.  Ibañez will also be featured on some other ESPN shows including SportsCenter and other various baseball programs.

He made his analyst debut tonight as a part of the broadcast crew in the Rangers and Yankees game.   Ibañez in and Schilling out will most likely limit the number of questionable comments made on Twitter from ESPN analysts.

Ibañez had a fantastic career where he posted numbers such as 2,034 career hits, 1207 RBI and 424 doubles.  He played 19 seasons in his career for many different ball clubs including 3 stints with the Seattle Mariners, while also making the All Star Team as a part of the Phillies in 2009.

Ibanez currently serves as a special assistant to the Dodgers President, Andrew Friedman as well.  Ibañez was voted, out of 290 MLB players, the second nicest player next to Jim Thome in the MLB.  This cheery, smart ball player should make a great addition to Baseball Tonight and ESPN.