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Impact Wrestling and Global Force Wrestling Announce Merging


Impact Wrestling and Global Force Wrestling Merge

Jeff Jarrett, co-founder and former president of Total Nonstop Action (now Impact) returned to the show this year in an executive role. Jarrett stepped back from the company three years ago to create Global Force Wrestling, trying to build an empire of his own.

Unfortunately, GFW never gained the momentum it needed. Big names signed with them, such as Cody Rhodes and Magnus. Still, the acquisition of talent wasn’t enough to keep the company afloat. Although the company taped a few shows and held live events, Jarrett couldn’t get a network to pick up the brand.

After Jeff Jarrett took on a role with Impact again, things seemed gloomy for GFW. Fans wondered how much longer the promotion would survive. The promotion took another heavy blow when their tag-team champions, the Bollywood Boyz, signed with WWE. They vacated their belts and moved on.

When Sonjay Dutt made a guest-appearance at the NXT performance center, more panic arose. A larger promotion had interest in another GFW star. Luckily, Dutt turned down contracts from both WWE and Ring of Honor, opting to stick it out with Jarrett.

This week, on Impact’s show, Jeff’s wife, Karen Jarrett, addressed the status of Global Force Wrestling. She made a grim announcement, declaring that GFW no longer existed. However, she explained that Impact and GFW would be merging into one. Though the move is not a surprise, it certainly is a logical one.

So far, details are uncertain. Obviously, we are going to see GFW stars on Impact, but the roster has doubled. Talent might be released to work within the company’s budget. There is also question on whether or not the belts will be maintained on Impact as well, or if they will be obsolete.

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