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India On Track: NBA Cares: Global Expansion Efforts For The Youth

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India On Track: Impact on Global NBA:

Today the National Basketball Association announced that they will be opening a Basketball Academy with India On Track (IOT).  I’m sure you have seen the NBA cares commercials where players, coaches and families work together to give back to their communities.

Every day the NBA is constantly working to enhance their global image. International players have continued to take the league by storm by their play, charity and dedication to building the brand known as the NBA.

In addition to the increase of international representation in the league, the NBA has made it clear that they will add to their partnership with India On Track (IOT) by expanding in other counties.  In Mumbai, India there has been an agreement to have a NBA school opened for 6-18 year olds.

Global NBA:

The camp not only helps the NBA brand, but it develops young kids into sound basketball players. This May the NBA basketball School is scheduled to open. However, youth initiatives are very common in India.

According to NBA Communications, “Each NBA Basketball School will feature year-long tuition-based programs open to international male and female players ages 6-18. The NBA Basketball School curriculum, which is designed to help players, parents, coaches and organizations better understand the process of improvement, has been developed by the NBA’s Elite Basketball Development team”

NBA Supporting the Youth:

Once the NBA builds more academies, there will be an open circuit of competition. Each age bracket will compete against the best and be able to train with the best. NBA coaches will coach the students, with the goal of enhancing their basketball IQ, strength, and feel for the game.

The NBA plans on adding more academies across the world. This is exciting for the game of basketball because it is a positive outlet for the upcoming youth. As the NBA continues to expand their will be more jobs for coaches, physicians, and teachers.

Look out NBA change is on the way! India On Track (IOT) to the rescue.