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Injury Bug Bites New York Mets……Again

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New York Mets Have Lost Many Big Names All In The Same Day

All year long, the New York Mets have battled the injury bug. Tonight the bug bit and it bit hard. Earlier in the day, the Mets learned that Matt Harvey will miss the rest of the season with shoulder surgery.

Even after learning this news, the Mets still had a game to play against the Washington Nationals. The game had all the makings of a pitching duel with Stephen Strasburg and Noah Syndergaard on the mound.

It did not take long for the injuries to start. After three innings of play, Yoenis Cespedes was pulled with a strained right quadriceps. The injury came after Yoenis made a sliding catch in center field on a ball off the bat of Ben Revere. Cespedes, who is slated to start the All-star game is now doubtful.

As many Mets fans where mourning their loses, they where due to see one more. In the fifth inning of the Mets 3-1 loss, pitcher Noah Syndergaard was pulled due to arm fatigue. The fatigue does not seem related to the bone spur that “Thor” is pitching with.

Even with all these injuries, there is still a tiny bright spot for the Mets. Due to San Francisco Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner having to pitch on Sunday, Bartolo Colon has been named to the NL All-star team. Bartolo’s stats may not warrant a All-star appearance but his personality does. He is 43 years old and only throws one pitch. That pitch is usually an 88 mph fastball that for some reason hitters have a hard time hitting.

Colon is the oldest pitcher in the majors this season and will be making his fourth All-star appearance. Maybe Colon can stay healthy in the second half of the season because the Mets desperately need players to stay healthy if they hope to make the playoffs.