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iRacing Track Guides: New Hampshire



This weekend the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series visits New Hampshire Motor Speedway. New Hampshire is a unique track as it provides high speeds on the straightaways while producing short track like racing. Drivers must be precise on the brakes so they don’t overshoot the corner, yet aggressive enough that they are running fast. To give you a better idea of what the drivers deal with around NHMS we’ll take a lap on the iRacing Motorsport Simulator.

Video Breakdown

One of the keys to getting around New Hampshire Motor Speedway is how you drive the car on corner entry. The driver must walk a fine line between driving it in deep and backing the corner up to get a run off. If the driver drives to deep into the corner it can result in the car not rotating the center. When the car does not rotate the center it makes it difficult to get a shot off the corner. In the video above the lap shown treads the line perfectly. Pay attention to the telemetry to see how I am working the brakes and throttle.

On my lap, I attempt to back up the corner entry to get a run off. However, in a race scenario doing this could risk a driver behind getting underneath on corner entry. Now that I have the car backed up I let it drift up in the center of the corner. The reason for this is to get a straight shot off the corners. When the car is allowed to drift up in the center you get a better feel for when the car is pointed. When the car is pointed off the corner you need to be aggressive and pick up the throttle. This will result in the car having good “drive off” and having a good run down the straightaways which can set up passing opportunities.

On Sunday drive off will be a term you should expect to hear. A car with drive off, paired with a good strategy should be the key to winning the race.