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Is Dak Prescott The Real Deal Or A Product Of Preseason?

Dallas Cowboys rookie quarterback Dak Prescott


Dak Prescott Is Shattering Expectations

Cowboys fans everywhere are officially on board the Dak Prescott hype train. Prescott has posted an unbelievable rookie stat line which begs for an answer to one question; Is he the Cowboys’ long term answer at the quarterback position or is his play the result of preseason competition?

Through two preseason games, Prescott has completed 22 out of 27 passes for 338 yards and six total touchdowns. Much of Prescott’s playing time has been with the Cowboys’ first team unit and against the opposing team’s first team unit.

Getting these reps has given the Dallas staff a lot to evaluate on Prescott. He has shown the ability to keep his eyes down field, reading the coverage and waiting for his receivers to get open. Prescott has a quick release and throws with precise accuracy.

All of these attributes and abilities are obviously strong positives about the young rookie. He has a noticeable calmness about him and his game play has displayed that very well.

Like most rookie quarterbacks coming out of college, Prescott is adjusting to taking more snaps from under center, rather than from the gun. While Prescott lacks in experience of snapping from under center, he has made that a part of his game that he can execute well.

For the time being, the Dallas Cowboys and Cowboys fans believe they have found the answer to their backup quarterback position and the long term answer at the position.

Even with all the positives and all the Dak Prescott hype and praise that is being thrown around, there is another side to this perception of him and is play.

There are a few facts about Prescott worth noting. Prescott is a rookie quarterback in the NFL. He has many improvements about his game to make. He has never played in a regular season game that is actually meaningful.

In his preseason debut, Prescott played against a suspect Rams secondary. The Rams defense lost a few starters from last season, including cornerback Janoris Jenkins.

The Rams did not start their defensive standout Robert Quinn. So Prescott was not challenged with a good pass rush or a strong secondary in his first career game. His numbers were strong as he put up 139 yards and two touchdowns while completing ten passes.

In Prescott’s second game against the Dolphins, he faced a better defense and played at an elite level as well. Prescott was able to complete 12 out of 15 pass attempts for 199 yards and four total touchdowns.

The Dolphins secondary has some question marks as well and is not one of the tougher units to play against. Prescott was challenged with a better defensive line in this game, but again looked great.

Dak Prescott has yet to play a regular season game and that is what makes his NFL evaluation a tough one. To some people’s eyes he is showing that he can go out there and play at a high level. He looks like he knows the game very well and has all the tools to succeed.

In other people’s eyes Prescott is a talent that has yet to prove himself. He is a rookie that has played two preseason games against sub par competition. The hype surrounding him and his play is an overreaction to them.

Due to the opposing defensive units, his numbers and his play are being questioned. Basically, his play needs to be verified against a complete and healthy defense before anyone should jump to realistic conclusions.

As of right now, Dak looks like the guy in Dallas to eventually replace Tony Romo as the Cowboys’ starter. He has shined thus far through camp and two games. He has the mentality and the maturity to develop into a strong leader for this locker room.