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Is Dwyane Wade On His Way Out Of Miami?

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Is Dwyane On His Way Out Of Miami?

When looking at the career of Dwyane Wade, a lot of it seems surreal. Wade was born in Chicago in 1982. He was not a blue chip recruit coming out of high school.Wade attended Marquette University in Wisconsin. He worked his tail off, spending countless hours in the gym. By the ’02-’03 season, Wade had achieved “Big Man On Campus” status. Wade scored over 21 points a contest, while snagging 6 boards a game along with 4 dimes. Wade was efficient, scoring most of his points from midrange and attacks at the rack. By the end of the ’02-’03 season Wade was ready for the league.


The 2003 NBA Draft will go down in the NBA pantheon as one of the greatest drafts of the modern era. Four of the first five draft selections are Basketball Hall of Fame level talents. LeBron, Carmelo, and Wade’s
long time teammate, Chris Bosh, were three of the four players chosen in front of Wade, who was selected fifth overall by the Miami Heat.

Wade made an impact immediately on the court. Teaming with the likes of Lamar Odom and Caron Butler, the Heat became a playoff caliber team immediately. Wade earned the moniker, “The Flash,”for his lightning quick explosive attacks in the paint.

On July 14, 2004 the fate of the Miami Heat and Dwyane Wade changed. Pat Riley acquired the then three time champ Shaquille O’Neal from the Los Angeles Lakers in exchange for Lamar Odom, Caron Butler, and Brian Grant. The Heat became contenders in the eyes of the league immediately.

By Wade’s third season the Heat had reached the NBA Finals. Shaq and Wade would face Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks. After falling down 0-2 to Dallas, the Heat ripped off four straight W’s to win the Finals in 6. Wade was named NBA Finals MVP. He is currently the 8th youngest Finals MVP in the history of the NBA.

Wade would go on to become a perennial All-Star, the face of the franchise. Heat fans renamed Dade County in South Florida to “Wade County”, honoring his stellar play and dedication to his team and city.

By 2010, LeBron James and Chris Bosh had joined forces with Wade. They would go on to appear in four straight Finals, winning the ‘chip twice. Wade was a key cog in the Heat machine, the perfect Robin to LBJ’s Batman.

Throughout all of this, Wade was fiercely loyal to the Heat. During his thirteen year run, no matter who has been a member of the Heat, Wade has NEVER been the highest paid player on the team.

The NBA landscape has changed. Money is flying around all over the place. Fringe players and rotation guys are getting $15 million plus per season.

DWade is at a crossroads in his career. He is currently an Unrestricted Free Agent, and he can go wherever he deems best.

Wade has scheduled meetings with Milwaukee, Chicago, and New York. He has been on vacation with his good friend and former teammate, LeBron James. As of today, Wade is one of the last remaining impact players to be had in the market.

Following the pulse of the league, watching sports news or listening to talk radio, everybody hear rumors and prognostications regarding Wade’s future.

Pat Riley and the Heat have reportedly offered Wade a 2 year $40 million contract, even though he reportedly wants $50 million.

Another rumor is the Denver Nugget’s proposal of 2 years for $50 million.

Bingo. Wade’s salary demands are met.  Is it really about the cash? If it is, Denver appears ready and willing to pony up. Does Wade want to go to a young team in the middle of an ongoing rebuild? Seeing as how he is still available, and the Nuggets have their offer on the table, I doubt the Nuggets will win Wade over.

Over the past few days, rumblings of Wade to Cleveland are starting to gain traction. Problem is, the Cavs can’t offer Wade anywhere near what he is worth. There are theories about Cleveland and their ability to tinker with their roster. LeBron could take a little less on his upcoming deal. Iman Shumpert or Kevin Love could be moved. Owner Dan Gilbert could dip into the luxury tax.

If Wade is willing to play for less than half of what he could get, Cleveland may be the place for him. The Cavs are defending champs, he has great on court chemistry with LeBron, he wouldn’t be relied on heavily to deliver night in and night out.

Where will Wade sign? How many options are realistic? Could he go back to Miami?

Pat Riley has repeatedly low balled Wade, expecting him to take hometown discounts time and again. Hassan Whiteside was paid a small fortune, and the proposed deal to Wade of 2 years for $40 didn’t come through until Kevin Durant had decided to make his way to Oakland.

Riley and other members of Heat management have disrespected Wade publicly with these deals. They have bruised D-Wade’s ego. I can’t see Wade returning, but strange things happen all the time in this league.

Another consideration is that Wade has a very famous wife, actress Gabrielle Union. Given that they are both millionaires several times over, does Wade’s choice have to be driven solely by cash? Or even the city he plays in?

If I had to choose today, I’m saying that Wade once again takes less than market value and signs a short term deal with the Cavs.

The opportunity is there for the taking. If he can’t get what he wants financially, I think he chooses happiness and the best basketball situation, which is clearly Cleveland.


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