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Is it Time to Trade Kyle Schwarber?

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Is it time for the Cubs to trade Kyle Schwarber?

Over the last two seasons it is hard to find a more exciting and beloved player than Kyle Schwarber is to the Chicago Cubs.  In his first season with the Cubs he wowed fans with his ability to come up with big home runs in some of the most high pressure moments of the 2015 season and postseason.  In 2016 his legendary status was put on hold after a collision in the outfield ended his season after just four games.  Schwarber would have to sit and watch his team go on their historic run towards their first World Series title in 108 years.  At least we thought he would have to sit and watch.  After sitting out almost the entire 2016 season and the NLDS and NLCS, Schwarber would suddenly emerge from the shadows and push his Legendary status to a new level.

Just before the World Series rosters were released, the Cubs received news that Schwarber had been cleared by his doctors to bat in the World Series.  With the DH being available in the Indians ball-park, this became an option that the Cubs hadn’t even considered.  Schwarber would find himself being thrust into the biggest stage in baseball and doing so without a single regular season hit for the 2016 regular season.

Kyle Schwarber

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Once again Schwarber would remind Cubs fans exactly why it is that they love him so much.  He managed to hit just a mere .412 in his four games at the DH spot.  His stat line for the four games was 7-17, including 3-5 in game 7 and he hit safely in all four games.  Here is a guy that missed the entire season with a torn ACL and still managed to put up Babe Ruth like numbers for the Cubs.

So now the question is, What should the Cubs do about Kyle Schwarber?  Schwarber came up as a catcher and that is the position he is most familiar with, however it doesn’t seem that he is a good enough catcher to play that position on a regular basis for the Cubs.  Plus with the emergence of Wilson Contreras at that position, it would seem that catching is not part of the plan.  The Cubs have plans to teach Kyle how to be an everyday outfielder.  Seems easy enough right?  Well I can assure you that it is not that easy and it has shown in games where Scharbs has played in the outfield.  He struggled in the 2015 NLCS and has never looked entirely comfortable out there yet.

Now let me just say that as a Cubs fan I absolutely love Kyle Schwarber.  His hustle, fun-loving attitude and that powerful bat in the line-up has won me over.  With that being said, I am about to say something that will make most Cubs fans cringe.  Are you ready? Ok, here it goes.

I think it is time for the Cubs to think about trading Kyle Schwarber.  Ouch, that even hurt a little saying it, but let me explain my thinking.  The Cubs are stacked with talent and have proven that they don’t mind moving players all over the field if that’s what it takes to win.  They have played Kris Bryant, Jorge Soler, Ben Zobrist and Albert Almora Jr. in the outfield and it seemed to work fine, but with Schwarber in the line-up it forces Joe Maddon to remove someone else that could play the position better.

Timing in trades is everything.  You have to know when is the ideal time to trade a guy away in order to maximize your return.  I say that the time is now for Kyle Schwarber.  He is at his most tradable point in his career because the possibilities of how good this kid might be are endless.  If the Cubs were to shop him around now, there isn’t an American League team that wouldn’t be chomping at the bit at the idea of adding a young, powerful DH to their line-up.  The Cubs could land some of that hard to find pitching that would put them on their way to back-to-back World Series Championships.

Lets be honest too.  This would benefit the Cubs, but it would also be the best thing that could happen for Kyle’s career.  Every team is looking for the next David Ortiz to man the DH position for years to come and Schwarber would fit in on any team.  Like I said I Love Schwarber and I would hate to see him go, but in my opinion this would be the best move for the Cubs organization and for Kyle himself.  Call me crazy but this might be the time to trade away one of our favorite Cubs.

Let me know what you think and how you think the Cubs should use Schwarber.