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Is John Hunter Nemechek being overlooked?


Over the past several years NASCAR has had a great wave of young talented drivers make their way into the sport. All NASCAR fans have heard of the likes of Chase Elliott, Ryan Blaney, Erik Jones, or more recently bursting onto the scene in the last year Christopher Bell and William Byron. Unfortunately, though, with this wave of young drivers coming up through NASCAR’s ranks it has caused one of its best young talents to be severely overlooked. This driver being so overlooked is none other than John Hunter Nemechek.

Through the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series’ last few seasons we have seen it be dominated by power teams such as Kyle Busch Motorsports and Thor Motorsports which are teams who have taken claim to drivers such as Kyle Busch, Erik Jones, William Byron, and Matt Crafton. Every week teams like these get to the track and are expected to be at the top of the speed charts regardless of who is behind the wheel. This is because they are large super teams who immense funding and endless sponsorship opportunities that give them the ability to put the best equipment possible on the track every week. John Hunter Nemechek, on the other hand, doesn’t have this luxury racing for a single truck team run by  his father Joe Nemechek.

Unloading of the truck every week of the 2015 season John Hunter never knew what his speed would be in comparison to the super teams of the series. One thing for sure was that John Hunter would give the truck everything that he had. This surely didn’t put out the best results at NASCAR’s larger tracks where equipment means more than the driver, but still, he made a difference and was able to far exceed what most would likely do in his situation. However when the trucks would head to a short track, John Hunter despite his equipment would be up front challenging for a win. One race in particular in which he got my attention was the 2015 Gateway race where he was going toe to toe with some of the best and leading laps. This race didn’t end great due to a wreck but it was impressive, to say the least. Nemechek’s first win, however, wouldn’t come at a short track it came at Chicagoland Speedway where he saved fuel and passed Kyle Larson with two to go to steal the victory. From this point forward the equipment for him has been far more consistent even managing to come away with a win at Atlanta Motor Speedway in 2016 and has been in the running for several more.

With this being said there is still one glaring difference between John’s truck and the competitions and that is it’s often without a sponsor and if it is sponsored it’s usually a local sponsor despite his efforts and running near the front every week. This alone should raise the question if he is being overlooked and the answer to that question is yes. It is amazing that a driver of his caliber at such a young age has not been given an opportunity in a big time ride in NASCAR’s truck series never mind not be able to pull in a sponsor consistently. Now race fans all around need to hope that the rumblings are true and Nemechek will finally stop getting overlooked and will land a ride in a top Xfinity Series ride in 2017.