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Is Mazara Rookie of the Year?

Is Mazara Rookie of the Year? rchdj10 / via Flickr



Is Mazara Rookie of the Year?

Dallas-      If you turned on the TV today and tuned in to a Texas Ranger’s game to watch their rookie right fielder take an at bat, you would swear that he is a fine tuned veteran.  His name is Nomar Mazara, and his nick-name is The Big Chill.

This 6 foot 4, Dominican born, 21-year-old is slowly starting to run away in the race for Rookie of the Year. 

He started the season by playing 3 games for Round Rock, the Rangers AAA affiliate and then was quickly called up to replace the injured Shin-Soo Choo.  Just as most teams do when they call up a young player, Mazara was expected to stay in the big leagues until Choo returned.

The only problem is Nomar Mazara has had other plans.

Why do they call him The Big Chill?  That’s easy, because no matter what the circumstances, his pulse never seems to rise.  He stands calmly at the plate and just continues to hit.  As of June 1 Mazara is batting a mere:

.302 with 9 HR, 24 RBI and a .348 OBP. 

This is a pretty good problem for the Texas Rangers to have.  Having a guy who shows up and just does his job really makes it hard for an organization to do anything but play the kid.

Some other rookies that are not just going to stand back and let Mazara have the award though are,   Minnesota’s Byung Ho Park, Hyun Soo Kim out of Baltimore or maybe Houstons Tyler White.

But as of now none of them are performing at the level of Mazara and just to make things a little more interesting, Mazara also has the longest Homerun in baseball this season at 491 feet.

Many may say its to early to start naming the Rookie of the Year, but last year over in the National League, the Chicago Cubs Kris Bryant led from beginning to end and took the award home.

There is still a lot of season left and a lot of things could happen, but if you had to place your money on a winner, you could never go wrong betting on a guy they call “The Big Chill.”