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Is Prescott The Future Of The Dallas Franchise?

Is Dak the future quarterback for Dallas? KEITH ALLISON VIA FLICKR


The Cowboys’ Future Quarterback Is Dak Prescott

From a fourth round selection to a shining star, Dak Prescott looks like the future quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. The last few seasons as Tony Romo suffered injuries and aged, the Cowboys were going to need to find a successor. It seems like they have their guy and for a great bargain. Dak Prescott cost Dallas a mid-round draft pick and he played like a five year vet in his rookie season.

A lot of people might point out that it was just one year and teams will have tape on the young player. Prescott just doesn’t come across as a one-year-wonder type of player. He displayed his many talents throughout the 2016 season and has given hope for the franchise. The best part about the situation is that he didn’t cost the Cowboys a first round pick. They found a solid guy late in the draft and he grew up quickly before our very eyes.

The apparent future quarterback for America’s team found himself in the perfect situation. Not only does he get to play for his childhood team, but he’s got a monster amount of talent around him. With a stud offensive line protecting him and the privilege of handing the ball off to Ezekiel Elliott, Prescott and Dallas make a perfect fit. The two rookies complimented each other well with their skill sets. The athleticism of Prescott and Elliott provide endless issues for opposing defenses. Cowboys fans have to be happy with what 2016 brought them, regardless of the ending outcome.

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I believe in Dak Prescott and have full faith that he’s the guy for this team. He is the true future quarterback in Dallas. It’s not even about the numbers he put up as a rookie. What gives me my trust and faith in Prescott is how he carries and handles himself. He’s a very selfless guy and is always praising the team. He’s a confident player that knows his place and is a natural leader of men. As a rookie, he immediately commanded hard work and dedication out of his teammates. Best of all, he backed it up with his play.

Dak Prescott totaled just shy of 4,000 total yards with 29 total touchdowns in his rookie season. He made endless plays for this offense and helped guide them to the number one seed in the NFC. With only seven combined turnovers, Prescott showed his awareness and that he takes exceptional care of the football. By limiting turnovers, the defense was rarely put in bad situations and they greatly benefited from that.

Prescott possesses the courage and fight that a future quarterback in the NFL needs. Being the Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback and leader is never easy. Prescott has the perfect combination of talent and mindset to fit the part. He showed that he doesn’t shy away from the big moments in his first playoff game. The Cowboys were down early and he continued to lead the Cowboys as he has all season. They fought back to tie the game late in the fourth quarter. Even after suffering a heartbreaking loss, Prescott was the guy to stand up and discuss the game with the media. Dak Prescott is the future for the Cowboys and he’s going to be a joy to watch for years to come.