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Jacksonville Jaguars: 2017 NFL Combine Players to Watch

Jacksonville Javi Magdiel Fernández via


Jacksonville Jaguars Combine Focus Will Be On…

Jacksonville has struggled more than most teams in recent history.  While they have some young players in place, it seems question marks appear just as quick. Moving on from previous head coach Gus Bradley, they’re hopeful that Doug Marrone can continue to develop their young players, including quarterback Blake Bortles.

Bortles had a good sophomore season, and looked like the Jaguars were headed in the right direction with him.. until he regressed.  While Marrone has endorsed Bortles as his quarterback, the team will likely be worried.  Don’t worry though, they won’t be selecting a quarterback with their fifth selection in this years draft.  They will, however, be looking to continue building around him on both sides of the ball.

It’s a fairly safe bet that Myles Garrett will be selected with the first overall pick, and while many thought San Francisco was going to pursue a free agent to fill their quarterback need, Kirk Cousins has been given an exclusive tag and the Patriots have said they will not be listening to offers to Jimmy Garoppolo.  Chicago has been said to be looking to move on from Jay Cutler, and rightfully so, meaning they’ll likely want a quarterback early on.

With the number four pick, there’s no doubt the Jaguars are going to get a blue chip player.  Who will it be?

Jamal Adams – S, LSU

Adams is ranked near the top of a lot of big boards, and he should be.  One of the most talented players in the draft, and with the history of success that LSU defensive backs have had, he’ll be in talks for this spot.  Jacksonville selected Jalen Ramsey last year, but the idea of having those two together is certainly intriguing.

His leadership skills have also been noted, and having a commanding presence in a struggling team’s locker room could be what they need to turn the ship around.  It helps when that presence is a top level talent, too.

Many scouts and analysts believe this will be the pick, and I have a hard time disagreeing.


Soloman Thomas – DE, Stanford

One of the most glaring holes in this defense is their pass rush.  They’ve used a high pick on Florida’s Dante Fowler, but injuries have slowed him down, and having someone as talented as Thomas across from him could help.

Thomas is known for his relentless effort.  He will not let people block him.  He doesn’t allow it.  There have been some questions about his size, but he puts impressive moves on display in every game.  Though his size has been questioned, he’s extremely athletic and has shown that he can get to the passer.

His floor is probably pretty high, making him a safe pick for a team like Jacksonville that needs talent and cannot afford to miss.


Leonard Fournette – RB, LSU

Looking at big boards, Fournette could be at the top.  He’s shown the ability to consistently find the end zone and play with a physical edge that people love.  Once considered the consensus top running back prospect, there have been conversations about whether other backs have caught up.  I’m not buying that, and Fournette is one of my favorite players in this draft, regardless of value.

The Cowboys showed last year that teams should not be able to take the player at the top of their board, even if it’s a running back.  Would Jacksonville follow this model?

According to his NFL Draft Profile, Fournette’s comparison is Bo Jackson.  Fournette measured in at an astonishing 220 pounds at the NFL Combine weigh ins. He is expected to run a 4.40 second 40 yard dash.  Wow.