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James Shields traded to White Sox

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James Shields traded from Padres to the White Sox

The Chicago White Sox have made a big splash with trading for pitcher James Shields from the San Diego Padres.

The White Sox general manager Rick Hahn was very pleased with the trade quoted saying, “We’re pleased to add a starter of James Shields’ caliber” and “He has proven to be one of the most dependable and durable pitchers in the major leagues over his career.”

In 2015, Shields signed a $75 million dollar deal with the Padres for four years which was the largest free agent signing in Padres history .

Even with all of the new free agent signings the Padres finished three games worse than the previous season.

34 year old Shield has a 4.28 ERA with a 2-7 record to go along with it. With numbers like these it makes sense why the Padres weren’t happy with their starting pitcher.

During Shields’ last outing he gave up 10 runs in 2 2/3 innings. This led to the executive chairman of the Padres top call Shields out.

This could be a real steal for the White Sox.

Even though Shields has struggled in the recent years, he has shown in the past he can be a tremendous starter.

With the White Sox being only 2 games behind the Indians for first in the AL Central this move could shake things up, helping the White Sox take the divisional lead, possibly even a run at the playoffs.