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Jared Goff selected 1st overall in 2016 NFL Draft

NFL: Jared Goff

With the 1st overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, the Los Angeles Rams have selected Jared Goff, Quarterback from California.

At six-foot-four, 215 pounds Goff has been crowned the top prospect in this years quarterback class. The Rams have a plenty to look forward to with this young man, who will be able to step in and be a day on starter if asked.

Goff has some solid traits that will help him in his transition to the NFL. The three big talking points that have been widely discussed with Jared Goff are: Pocket Presence, Read Progression and  his Natural Anticipation when making throws. As a passer Jared Goff is top notch, ranking number one in “Under Pressure Passes”, “Passes Against Blitzes”, “3rd Down Passing” and “Passes from 6-10 yards” by Pro Football Focus. These are some pretty big categories to hold the top ranking position, that paired with natural athletic ability should leave the Rams feeling very confident about this pick.

Now before we chalk it up to all rainbows and sunshine, Goff does have a couple of traits that will have to be watched. Sometimes his “Pocket Presence” is a little over the top, while he is great at finding his passing lanes, every once and while his happy feet put his line protections out of position. This leads to him taking some hits that could have been avoided and that is never something that you want from your quarterback.  Now for the big one, he does not have a very strong arm. While he can make most of the throws needed at the professional level, Goff lacks the velocity to really drive passes past defenders. This will result in  a couple plays being left on the field.

Overall, the Rams have made a good choice for their franchise. Goff should be a day one impact player that has a high ceiling, a solid floor and fills a need that can only be found at the top of the draft.