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Javier Mascherano Hit with Fine and Prison Sentence

La Liga

Barcelona, Spain – Barcelona defender Javier Mascherano has been fine 815,000 euros and given a year prison sentence after two tax offenses.

The punishments were handed out in a Spanish court after the 31-year Argentine confessed to tax-related offenses, paying back the 1.5m euros and also a further 200,000 as a fine. The offenses correspond to the fiscal years 2011 and 2012.

Mascherano’s lawyer, David Aineto, has requested the automatic suspension of the one-year prison sentence and wants it to be replaced by a fine of around 21,000 euros. The prosecution has been favorable to the acceptance of this measure and the judge is likely to issue a new verdict in the coming days.

The player has since posted the following letter on his media outlets:

Mascherano will now have to await the court’s decision to see where his future lies.

Photo credit to kimjihihi via Flickr

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