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Jazz Fest in Salt Lake City Utah

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Bring in the Jazz Fest!

Start the countdown; The NBA playoffs are around the corner. A little over thirty days from today, the NBA playoffs will commence. Fans, analyst, and commentators are turning in their predictions of how the playoffs will end. Hold on before we make a unanimous decision their are two words that you need to think about, Jazz Fest.

Quick question, what about the Utah Jazz? The Jazz are currently in first place in the Northwest Division and are the 4th seed in a competitive western conference. Currently the team is (41-24) and if the team played in the East they would be the 3rd seed.

Have you been paying attention to the Jazz Fest in Salt Lake City? Compared to other teams the Jazz have been flying under the radar while remaining competitive.

Do we except the Jazz to win the finals? If anyone were to ask me that question at the beginning of the season I would’ve said no. However, we can’t ignore that the franchise has defeated multiple top five seeded teams in the east and west.

Quiet Storm:

Quin Snyder, head coach of the Jazz has done a great job with his team. The current starting line-up consists of George Hill, Joe Ingles, Gordon Hayward, Derrick Favors, and Rudy Gobert.

In addition to a solid starting line-up the franchise has an efficient bench consisting of Dante Exum, Rodney Hood, Joe Johnson, and Boris Diaw. The Salt Lake City organization scores close to 100 points per game while averaging 46% shooting from the field.

Again I am not saying that the Jazz will win a title this season, but they can upset some teams in the west. The team has already defeated possible title contenders such as the Los Angeles Clippers, San Antonio Spurs, Houston Rockets, Memphis Grizzles, Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Washington Wizards.

Smooth Jazz:

In addition to their impressive wins, one impressive detail about the 2016-2017 roster is their effort on both sides of the ball. 65 games into the season the Jazz are averaging 34 defensive rebounds, 6 steals, and 4 blocks per game.

Jazz forward Hayward, has proved that he is not a fluke. The former Butler Bull Dog has continued to produce consistent numbers. The addition of former Spur and Indian Pacer guard, Hill has provided a spark for the team.

The starting Jazz guard may have mental lapses during crucial moments in games, but he knows how to run an offense.  Each player on the 2016-2017 roster contributes something different to the team.

Furthermore, the current roster has an ample amount of depth. In addition to their depth they have great team chemistry.

If the playoffs started today the Jazz would play the Clippers. If I had to guess I would pick the Jazz in seven games. Also, I could see the Jazz upsetting the Rockets, and maybe the Golden State Warriors if forward Kevin Durant does not return.

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