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Joe Torre and MLB had a Busy Day


How many days off?

The big talk of the baseball on Tuesday had been Rougned Odor receiving an 8 game suspension; however, most people do not know the all of the details of the suspensions given out by MLB. Blue Jays pitcher Jesse Chavez and Jays Head Coach John Gibbons each got three games. Texas shortstop Elvis Andrus as well as Jays first base coach Tim Leiper were handed a one game suspension. Many other players received fines for their roles in the brawl on Sunday.

Obviously, Jose Bautista and Odor each received suspensions which they will both appeal. Every other player will pay their fine and serve their suspension accordingly, as far as we know.

Brad Ausmus also was given a suspension for arguing balls and strikes in his team’s game. Ausmus was furious about the calls against batter Nick Castellanos, so he took off his sweatshirt and laid it down right on top of home plate. Ausmus apologized for his actions and he served his suspension last night.  His Tigers still won without him.  Check out some of the other things that happened with this incident here

Hopefully going forward the MLB doesn’t have to hand out this many suspensions in one day again.