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Joey Bosa vs. Chargers: Who’s Wrong?


Joey Bosa is still having a standoff with the San Diego Chargers over his contract.

As a Chargers fan you certainly know about this. As an NFL fan, you almost certainly know about this. It is confusing to some and more clear to others. What is clear to all, is that it needs resolved. Sooner is better than later.

From the view of the fans, you just want this deal to be done and over with. You want Joey Bosa on the field showing what he’s got in the preseason. Unfortunately, the Chargers have played half of their preseason games, and Bosa has yet to see the field. It was said that the two sides began having talks again recently, but who really knows what that means. The debate the two sides are having are a little confusing, but both sides seem to be confident they aren’t going to budge. This could have a few different meanings if this issue isn’t resolved soon. All of the possible outcomes of this situation seem negative for both ends, so many people can only hope they get it fixed.

Basically, there is offset language problems and a signing bonus payout structure issue. The signing bonus part of it is the times it gets paid out to Joey, but the offset language is the tricky part. This basically means if the Chargers were to release Bosa, they would get a certain amount of money back. Joey Bosa and his agent have made it clear they are not holding out because of both issues, but they just want one issue resolved. The Chargers have made it clear that they will not budge on either topic, and that Joey needs to get on the field.

From the Chargers side of the argument, they have treated all of their rookies the same for years now. They do business a certain way and they do no not want that to change. Basically, they want to pay Bosa half of his signing bonus this year and the other half next year. Also, they do not want to remove his offset language.

From Bosa’s side of the issue, you can see where he’s coming from. Although the Chargers do business a certain way, he does not think he should have to wait for his signing bonus and keep his offset language part of the deal. As said earlier, he just wants either the language removed or his whole bonus immediately. Of course he would love to have both in his favor, but that seems almost impossible as of now.

The way most people look at it is that it’s Joey Bosa being stingy, but not so fast. When you look into other rookies from this class, you’ll see that five of the top seven picks have either no offset language or their signing bonus is not structured how Bosa’s is. Jalen Ramsey and Jared Goff both have no offset language and they got their signing bonus all together. You can see why Joey feels the way he does. He believes he deserves the same treatment as them. When you go third overall in the NFL draft, you certainly have reason to feel this way.

Where it starts to not make sense for San Diego is, why draft a person third overall if you think there’s a possibility of releasing him? The thing that should be resolved and make this a whole lot easier is the offset language part of it. It doesn’t make much sense why you would draft a guy that you worry about releasing in the next couple of years that high in the draft. The signing bonus thing makes some sense because they’ve done that for everyone, but this offset language part of the deal holding Bosa out is just kind of ridiculous.

From Joey’s side, you have to look at it as expecting what the others get. This makes sense, but Bosa and his camp should lay off the signing bonus part of it. For one, this is the difference between receiving 8.5 million dollars twice in the next two years or receiving it all at once. You would think this isn’t that big of an issue. Secondly, the Chargers are way more likely to come around about the offset language part. The signing bonus seems to be staying where it’s at.

It has even been brought to people’s attention of Joey possibly not playing this year and going back into next year’s draft. This is where you look at everyone involved with Bosa’s side and wonder what they are thinking. That would hurt his draft stock majorly, and it shows they clearly care more about a contract situation than Joey getting on the field and getting better. Bosa would almost certainly go lower than 3 if he sits out an entire year, and it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for people to pass on him because of this. Who wants to deal with this with their top 5 draft pick?

The most logical solution is just for the Chargers to remove the offset language from Joey’s contract and get the man on the field. They want him to get out there, but they know they only have one thing to do to get him out there. This almost makes too much sense for the Chargers to be that stubborn about it. This is their 3rd overall pick. This is their future. This guy has drawn praise in comparisons to J.J. Watt. Although you can’t compare him to him just yet, even the thought makes you think the Chargers would be flexible to the kid.

Whatever ends up happening here, you have to hope the kid gets on the field and starts getting some reps. It’s not a good situation from either side. Somebody needs to budge. The regular season is approaching and one of the awful possible solutions of no deal coming across is seeming to get closer and closer. If the two sides resuming talks rumor is true, let’s just pray something is figured out. This kid is just too talented to sit out because of this, and the Chargers will basically have wasted a 3rd overall pick on nothing if he doesn’t end up playing. These two sides really need to open their eyes and get it figured out. If not, it will leave a crazy amount of people disappointed.