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Johnny Manziel To Be “Mentored” By WWE Legend?


Johnny Manziel To Be “Mentored” By WWE Legend? Could his partying ways become a thing of the past?

Cleveland Browns’ QB Johnny Manziel has had quite the run this past season. Not one on the field, off of it, he’s been on a bit of a tear, hitting the club scene in every city his team played, much to the dismay of team officials.

His partying had gotten so out of control that he even resorted to wearing disguises to go out, in fact, he was spotted wearing a wig and glasses in Las Vegas the night before the final Browns’ game of the season.

Now, while the Browns have been looking for a way to deal with Manziel’s antics, there is one person who has offered to help “Johnny Football“ get focused. Someone who in the last few years, had made it his purpose to get his own life together, WWE Hall of Famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Said Roberts:

“I’m trying to get ahold of Johnny Manziel, and I’m going to tell that boy, ‘You need to get on Antabuse’, I understand where his head is at. I understand what it is to be Jake the Snake, or Johnny Football. You got all of these expectations from other people. Not just yourself, but other people. You start being the party guy for them.”

Roberts, who got his life together with the help of WCW legend & his former student, “Diamond” Dallas Page, has had his own history with alcohol and substance abuse. It was even documented in the critically acclaimed documentary “Beyond the Mat”.

Roberts was known as a methodical wrestler, often playing mind games with his opponents before and during matches, most notably using his pet snake “Damien”. But, while he was mesmerizing fans inside the ring, outside of it, he was using hard narcotics and alcohol.

In 2012, with the help of DDP, he finally became sober, and has stayed the course since then. But, in seeing Manziel and his antics, it would seem he sees a younger image of himself. Roberts continued:

“You can’t go hang out with a bunch of damn drug addicts and expect not to do drugs. You can’t go in a bar and expect not to drink. So you have to find new things to do in life. Believe it or not, those new things are twice as much fun.”

The Snake has offered to mentor Manziel, as well as other athletes struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Said Roberts:

“Not only him, but several of those guys who are screwing up out there … like (TCU quarterback) Trevone Boykin. You were going to be in a bowl game, and look what you did. I’d love to get ahold of him and sit him down. Say what I did in my career and what I did. At least I had a career before I blew it.

Let’s get Johnny Manziel out here, I’ll take care of him … I’ll save his life or drive him crazy, one of the two.”

For Cleveland’s sake, fans hope for a save, because season 2 of Johnny Football is a few months away, and officials don’t want to concentrate on babysitting their star quarterback.


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