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Josh Hamilton Resumes Baseball Activities

Josh Hamilton Resumes Baseball Activities Keith Allison via


Josh Hamilton seeking minor league deal after being cleared to play baseball again

After a year away from baseball, and being placed on unconditional release waivers in August, Josh Hamilton will have the opportunity to rejoin the Texas Rangers on a minor league contract. He was cleared to resume baseball activities after his reconstructive knee surgery in June.

As 2017 is the final year of a 5-year, $125 million contract, the Los Angeles Angels will pay $28.4 million of $30.4 million agreed upon five years ago.

The 2010 AL MVP’s last shot in the majors comes at a good time for him. With the shocking retirement of Prince Fielder in August, the DH/1B job is Hamilton’s to fight for after acquiring a minor-league contract.

It has been four years since the 35-year-old contributed legitimate offensive effectiveness. It will be a huge risk placing him on the 25-man roster out of spring training, but there is little to no risk watching him work out from this point until April 1 (the last game of the Rangers spring training).

It has been a shame to see a player who once was at Hamilton’s caliber being associated with a term like “minor league contract,” but Hamilton’s recent reputation of not finishing a season has brought his stock lower than anyone in 2010 could have imagined.

After a poor and disappointing batting slash of .250/.307/.432 with the Angles in 2013, Hamilton followed this up by improving slightly, and hit a slash of .263/.331/.414 in 2014, but hit with significantly less power. Hamilton had 21 home runs in ‘13, but only 10 in ‘14.

Then the embarrassed Angles shipped him back where he came from. But the return would not help Hamilton.

He hit .253/.291/.441 with 8 home runs in a mere 50 game performance in 2015. Then the numerous surgeries and rehabilitation assignments with a couple more surgeries left Hamilton absent from 2016, and puts him in his current position of fighting for a minor league contract.

The opportunity to work out with the Rangers will have a major effect on what has been a superb career. It should land Hamilton a minor league contract and a AAA spot, or influence a contending team looking for that one last push to sign him for the playoffs.