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Aaron Judge does it again

On Friday night the New York Yankees bid farewell to Alex Rodriguez. As the Yankees began the on-field ceremony to say goodbye to this Yankee Legend, a rainstorm would roll in to disrupt the ceremony. Many talked as if this rain represented some sort of symbolism of A-Rod’s career. Like a somewhat washing away of the years of controversy surrounding him. Well it seems that they may have been correct. After the rain and when the sun came out this weekend, we saw what could be the growth of a new superstar in the Bronx.

I know it is a little early to start placing such expectations on a young man, but in New York you better come in ready for the Hype or it will eat you alive.  The hype doesn’t seem to be too much for Rookie Aaron Judge. On Saturday Judge and rookie teammate Tyler Austin would hit back-to-back home runs in their first career at bats. They became the first players in Major League history to carry out this task.

Apparantly that wasn’t enough for Judge as he stepped to the plate on Sunday and hit an opposite field shot in just his second major league game. Judge became just the second Yankee to begin a career by hitting a home run in his first two Major League games, joining John Lefebvre, who achieved it in 1980.


“I don’t think we expect a homer every day. I think that would be a record,” Yankees manager Joe Girardi said of Judge’s hot start. “


I think we all agree that he won’t be able to do this every game, but at this point he continues to give Yankee fans hope that a new era is beginning.