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Ken Anderson Was To Get A Major Push Before His Release?


Ken Anderson Was To Get A Major Push Before His Release?

Looks like former TNA wrestler Ken Anderson was in line to get a major push in the company before he was abruptly released in January, due to a failed drug test, according to a report by Pro Wrestling Sheet.

From what was told to them by a trusted source, TNA Creative were looking to go a new route with Anderson, who was barely used in 2015, by giving him his own talk show segment. The segment, which was called “‘Huh?’ with Mr. Anderson”, had originally aired on January 12th of this year, and earned rave reviews with creative and the higher ups in the company. It was set to be a reoccurring segment on the show.

It would have jump-started the rather quiet career of the big boasting star, who went from TNA Champion, to a member of Aces & Eights, to flying solo again, drifting and getting lost in the shuffle at TNA. Anderson is no stranger to troubles with performance enhancers, where, back when he was with the WWE, where it was revealed in an August 30th, 2007 Sports Illustrated article that he, along with nine other wrestlers, had received performance enhancing drugs between 2006 and 2007. A big contradiction to what he claimed in an interview earlier in the month.

Anderson had also won a main event match that was filmed for the January 19th episode of Impact, but, was scrapped entirely from the show, after officials believed Anderson performed while under the influence. He was eventually tested, failed, and was released from the company shortly there after.

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