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Kevin Nash To Donate Brain And Spine To CTE Research


Kevin Nash To Donate Brain And Spine To CTE Research, hopes that his contribution will help others in the future.

WWE Hall of Famer, Kevin “Big Sexy/Diesel” Nash, is said to have promised to donate his brain and spinal cord after his passing to the CTE Center at Boston University and Concussion Legacy Foundation, as he told Michael Rothstein of on Wednesday. The center was founded by another former WWE talent Chris “Masters” Nowinski and Dr. Robert Cantu, and it’s focus is researching repetitive head injuries. Said Nash:

“Chris Nowinski started the program and I’ve had several concussions throughout my life and had scans done and stuff and knew that somewhere down the line, I’ve already had short-term memory problems. I decided to go ahead. The only way you can diagnose this is after you’re dead.”

The center has identified dozens of NFL and other sports personalities suffering from chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) after they have passed. CTE is linked to repeated head trauma, something the WWE knows a bit about, as there are several pending court cases by former talents who have made claims of such against them. Boston U cites that “memory loss, confusion, impaired judgement, impulse-control problems, aggression, depression, and eventually, progressive dementia” are the main symptoms of CTE.

Nowinski would compliment Nash, via statement through Rothstein:

“It’s so powerful when icons like Kevin Nash are willing to pledge their brain for research and talk about it publicly. Brain donation is really driving our growing knowledge of CTE and the long-term effects of brain trauma. And so I’m hoping that we solve this problem before Kevin’s time comes but Kevin announcing this means that other families are aware that this research is important and that if they lose somebody, they may think of the concussion legacy foundation.”

Nash, who is semi-retired (doing occasional shows on the independent circuit, as well as having made occasional appearances on WWE Television) has spent nearly half of his life in the professional wrestling business, first gaining national attention in World Championship Wrestling. His career would be somewhat eventful, earning title shots for the World Tag Team Championships in his time there. He would then go on to the WWE (the “World Wrestling Federation”) and would have a very impressive stay there, eventually becoming WWF Champion.

But, his most notable move was in his return to WCW, along with the former “Razor Ramon”, Scott Hall, to form “The Outsiders”, later joining up with Hulk Hogan to form the “nWo” (New World Order”). Nash would later on perform in TNA, before finally being inducted in the the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015.

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