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Kirk Herbstreit Talks LSU, Michigan, and National Title Hopes

Kirk Herbstreit The Parklands of Floyds Fork via Flickr

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Kirk Herbstreit held a conference call for an ESPN College Football Season Preview, where he weighed in on some of the hottest topics for the upcoming season.

The college football season gets started this Friday when Hawaii and the University of California both travel to Australia to play the first game of the season at Sydney Olympic Stadium in front of 60,000 fans. But before the season gets started, Kirk Herbsreit and ESPN hosted a conference call for a College Football Season Preview where he answered questions about the upcoming season.

He opened up the conversation with a question regarding the Clemson Tigers and Deshaun Watson, who just lost the National Championship a year ago to the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Deshaun last year was coming off of an ACL, and probably pushed his rehab just to try to get ready for those first couple of games and maybe was a little bit ahead of schedule. . . I would be shocked if he changed his attitude and his approach because I just think that is his DNA, I think thats how he’s wired. I don’t think any agents or anybody is going to be able to get to him and tell him to take it easy.”

He continued the conversation by answering a question about LSU and how he knows that many people are looking to them to be one of the powerhouses in the SEC. Kirk Herbstreit doesn’t seem to be on the bandwagon just yet, as he stated what they need to improve on in order to be considered a title contender.

I think LSU for many people is kind of a trendy pick, there are a lot of people- with 17 or 18 starters back on the field- that LSU is destined to win the SEC and get into the playoffs and maybe win the National Title. I think if you look at them on paper, despite all the criticism and despite all of what Les Miles faced a year ago, this team was sitting in a pretty good spot. . . The one question about them is: Are they willing to open up their offense and be more balanced? And be more versatile? Against many of the teams they play, they run the football with Fournette and thats good enough, and sometimes its not. They have to be willing to get teams off guard a bit. . . They are coming off of one of the worst years defensively, giving up about 24 a game, they are going to need to improve on that side of the ball too.”

One team that many people have their eyes on is Michigan and second year coach Jim Harbaugh. There is a lot of hype surrounding the team from both the media and from Harbaugh himself, who wears his emotions on his sleeve and sends the Twitterers into a frenzy every now and then with his comments. Kirk Herbstreit was asked about his assessment of the team and Harbaugh as he enters his second year with some playoff expectations.

If you look at what he did in his first year, and you look at what they have coming back, that theres obvious reason to be optimistic about what they can accomplish this year. I still will make the argument that the roster he inherited in his first couple years will be the least talented roster that he coaches while he is in Ann Arbor. . . I personally think they are about a year away. . . But I still think they are going to be one of the top ten best teams in the country.”

While we wait for the season to approach, everyone will be weighing in on their predictions for the season, and his conference was able to give us a little insight on what he thinks will be the major storylines throughout the season. Kirk Herbsteit will announce his first game of the season on Saturday, September 3rd at 8 pm (ET) at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, where #20 USC Trojans will face off against the defending champion #1 Alabama Crimson Tide on ABC.