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Kwame Brown Signs To Agency; Wants Back In NBA

Kwame Brown benscopy via Flickr


Kwame Brown

One thing no one expected to come out of the 2016 off-season was word that Kwame Brown is angling to make an NBA roster. The notion that he would want back in the Association isn’t ludicrous in itself, but the fact that he is actively trying is a bit puzzling. Of course, there are NBA teams that could use a veteran presence in the locker room, but there are far more appealing options to be looked at first. Nevertheless, here is the statement made by Interperformances regarding their signing of Kwame Brown as a client:


Interperformances is proud to announce that the NBA star Kwame Brown decided to sign with our agency. The #1 overall pick of the 2001 draft is ready for a new life. His comeback can be the road to glory for a team that believes in him. Kwame is back, physically healthy and ready to be the outstanding player he was on several NBA teams.

A great intimidator that can block shots, rebound consistently and explode in devastating dunks. No longer the young man that entered the NBA, Kwame is now an experienced and mature player and man. And he’s back, for the love of the game.


There is a good chance that Kwame is aiming to make a team as a late addition far after the season has started. This course of action is usually reserved for veterans who initially turn down offers but this may be Kwame’s best bet. If he can stay in good shape and away from injury, he may find himself on a playoff team that is down a couple of pieces. While he didn’t live up to the hype surrounding him during the draft, Kwame certainly didn’t have a terrible career. His numbers don’t necessarily jump off the page but the ability to stay in the League for 12 seasons is impressive.

This announcement by Interperformances may be a power play to stir up interest overseas. His name could hang on a handful of teams outside of the United States and while no one is in the right place to call his finances into question, a check from them may be too much to pass up on.