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Las Vegas fans see Bayley win the WWE RAW Women’s Championship

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Las Vegas fans see Bayley win the WWE RAW Women’s Championship

On Monday Night RAW this week, fans saw Bayley win the WWE RAW Women’s Championship.

The former champion Charlotte Flair dominated the first 10 minutes or so before Bayley began a comeback.

In the end, Bayley was able to secure the win and her first championship on the main roster.

The look of pure joy on Bayley’s face as she ran around ringside with the belt over her head was pretty cool.

However, I would be lying if I didn’t have an instant feeling of “and now Charlotte will win at Fastlane, right?” immediately after RAW went on the air.

Reigns wants Strowman

To start the show though, Monday Night RAW commissioner Stephanie McMahon announced that general manager Mick Foley would be given the night off.

Before she could say anyt, she was interrupted (per usual in pro wrestling monologues). This time by Roman Reigns, who was demanded a match with Braun Strowman.

At first McMahon seemed receptive to the idea. She responded to Reigns’ request by asking the fans in attendance if they would like to see them go one on one during RAW.


But in typical McMahon fashion, it was announced that Strowman already had another scheduled match later in the night.

But before Reigns could say much, he was interrupted by the RAW Tag Team Champions, the Club. Which lead to the first match of the night—Reigns vs The Club in a handicap match.

The WWE also wasted very little time hyping up the “celebration of friendship” between Universal Champion Kevin Owens and United States Champion Chris Jericho.

But before that could take place, Samoa Joe was given the chance to explain his actions during an interview with Michael Cole.

During the interview with Cole, Joe explained why he opted to join the side of Triple H.

But the first major storyline twist of the night came during the aforementioned “celebration of friendship.”

The Best Friends Implode

After a series of gifts from Jericho, Owens finally said he had a gift for Jericho.

The gift was a new “List of Jericho” at first glance, before Jericho realized that his name was on the list.

Owens then attacked Jericho and now it appears the friendship between the two is over. This shocked many, but perhaps none more than Corey Graves who sounded distraught over Owens’ actions.

The way that the split was done was phenomenal. It was something that fans everywhere knew was coming but I’d venture so far as to say nobody saw coming.

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