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Leonard Fournette Selected Fourth Overall in the 2017 NFL Draft

Leonard Fournette


Leonard Fournette

With the fourth pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars have selected running back Leonard Fournette from Louisiana State University.

At 6’0″ and 228 pounds, Fournette is the prime workhorse back in this draft. Fournette was a 4 year starter in high school, running for 7,619 yards and 88 touchdowns. He was the first ever player to receive a scholarship from Louisiana State. Fournette also ran track in high school and has the best 200 meter time in 4A. He is also only .2 seconds off the record time in the 100 meter run.

At LSU, Fournette produced all 4 years and had a career average of 6.2 yards per carry. Although never truly living up to the hype, Fournette completely shouldered the offense for the entirety of his time at LSU.


Fournette is built like a linebacker with the speed of a receiver and has the ability to scream through the gap or off the edge. He can truly intimidate any defender that comes up to make a play. Truly an athletic freak with possibly the highest ceiling in the draft.

Fournette’s concern is his running style, he lacks open field moves and scouts worry his aggressiveness may lead to a shortened career. The pros for Fournette clearly outweigh the cons and Fournette has been compared to Bo Jackson and Adrian Peterson.

Leonard will look to prove his value from the start, and will be an instant starter. Fournette will also add a mentality to an offense that is lost in today’s NFL. Fournette is a complete playmaker and can score from any part of the field. He will also require defenses to stay true to their assignments and be a huge play action threat. Fournette will provide stability and an identity to build around and will be in MVP talks very soon.