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Le’Veon Bell Suspension Reduced To Three Games



Le’Veon Bell’s appeal gets his suspension reduced from four games to three.

When the suspension originally came down on the Pittsburgh Steelers running back, it was said that he was going to be out for the first four games due to a series of missed drug tests. This is not to be confused with a failed drug test.

Le’Veon Bell is a part of the NFL‘s substance program, which entitles the league to give him random drug tests throughout the season or off-season. When Bell missed his drug test, it raised questions as to why he wasn’t able to follow the league’s substance abuse policy.

On the first day of training camp, he addressed the media and said he would not be able to comment on the suspension or the appeal process.

This whole situation, the appeal, is going to take it’s course, it’s going to run its course. So I’m going to let everything handle itself, I’m not really going to speak on it much after this, if at all.

According to a video he posted on his Twitter account, he stated that he missed the first two drug tests because he had just recently had his surgery and that he couldn’t make it to the test site. He then said that he missed the final test in April because he didn’t wake up early enough. He continues to say that he takes full responsibility and that this is not a representation of him as a man.

Coach Mike Tomlin spoke on the appeal process briefly in this weeks press conference.

We’re preparing to get him ready for the season. He’s done a nice job of it. He’s a guy that we’re choosing to seat others at his position at this point in the preseason, and that’s been how we’ve approached his circumstance, along with DeAngelo Williams, and the things that are going on with him and New York haven’t been a factor whatsoever.

Bell is set to return on October 2nd in Pittsburgh when the Steelers face off against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday Night Football. To say that the stage is set for some drama on NBC’s Sunday Night Football would be an understatement.