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Los Angeles Clippers Were Built to Please, Not Win

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Los Angeles Clippers


The Los Angeles Clippers were gifted Chris Paul by the NBA in 2011. It was supposed to be the revival of one of the most embarrassing franchises in all of professional sports. The Clippers had CP3, a healthy Blake Griffin and a dunking machine in DeAndre Jordan. A lot of hype, but it turns out it was a gimmick and a team who has just entertained.

In 2013, the LA Clippers hired  an NBA Champ in Doc Rivers to be President of Basketball Operations and Head Coach. Chris Paul signed a new deal and it looked like a new squad was about to take over LA. Lob City was in full effect and they had a coach who was supposed to carry them to the Larry O’Brien Trophy.  The Clippers won 57 games but lost in the semifinals of the Western Conference. The future was bright but this performance was a just a sign of things to come.

The Clippers were slowly creeping into a team who might be an awesome regular season team but couldn’t win the big game. Roster moves were being questioned and rightly so. The Doc Rivers move that raised the most eyebrows was the Eric Bledsoe trade. EB was a future star and the trade started a terrible chain of events.

They traded Bledsoe and Caron Butler to the Suns for Jared Dudley. The trade did allow them to sign J.J Redick who has become a great player for the Clippers. The fallout from the trade is pretty stunning. Jared Dudley was supposed to be a starter but lost his job to Matt Barnes. He and a first round pick were than shipped to Milwaukee for Carlos Delfino, Miroslav Raduljica and future second round pick. Both of those players were waived. Dudley became a valuable player as he can be that 3 and D player. In the small ball world, he is a need more so than a want off the bench.

Natasha Lamont/via Flickr

In 2014, The NBA got rid of Donald Sterling and it was time for the Clippers to get that championship. Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan were making posters out of people and CP3 was breaking ankles but there was an issue. It was their bench. Sure they had two time Sixth man of the year in Jamal Crawford but after that, not much. Glen Davis , Hedo Turkoglu, Austin Rivers and Spencer Hawes were the reserves. Another season, another loss in the Western Conference Semi-finals.

Dunks, three’s and a crazy point guard. Does that sound similar? It is what the Mike D’Antoni Suns were all about. A High octane offence that never made it the NBA finals. This is what the Clippers have been and will continue to be. Thew blew a 3-1 lead to the Houston Rockets in 2014 and a loss in the first round last year.

Lob City was a gimmick and they became a gimmick team. Gimmicks only last for so long and those don’t win championships. If this team had won a title,  maybe the future of this team wouldn’t be looked at with such gloom.

The future is bleak and could have their all of their hope in one person. CP3 and Blake Griffin contracts are up this year and rumblings of a move have already a started. Paul is 31 and hasn’t made it to the Western Conference finals. His time to win a championship is similar to Carmelo Anthony’s. The clock is Usain Bolt and these two all-stars are everyone else in the 100 meters. If they leave, the Clips have DeAndre Jordan and his max deal. Of their last nine draft picks only Brice Johnson (2016 pick) is on their active roster.

Win now is where the Clippers are and they simply can’t compete. Sorry Clipper fans you have the Warriors and Spurs to deal with.

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